How to Navigate Competition in Online Retail Industry with Customization


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Until a few years ago, e-retail was not a common thing. Only a few businesses had access to it and could run it successfully. However, as the big e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart came into the picture; the online retail landscape has changed drastically. The competition has become cut-throat with these big e-retail giants ruling the ecommerce industry. When the competition is so huge, you can’t just sit behind relaxed after simply opening an e-store. There is a need to do something to stand out among your competitors for people to notice you!

While there are a number of other strategies to make your online store interactive, offering customization is an important one. As you can’t attract people anymore simply by offering standard factory-made products with no uniqueness.

So, how to provide customization? By integrating a Magento 2 Product Designer or any other designer tool based on your ecommerce platform.

Read on to know how a Magento 2 Product Designer like Magento T-Shirt Designer can benefit.

Beyond Customization

Offering customization by yourself can be helpful at times but not always. When the customization demands get too specific to cater to, it is best to enable your customers to ‘self-help’.

All you need to do is to integrate a web-to-print design software with your site and allow your buyers to design their products themselves through a Magento 2 product designer. For instance, if you deal in custom t-shirts, a Magento t-shirt designer can help you give your customers the freedom to customize t-shirts as per their needs.

Enhanced Web Traffic and Conversion Rates

Picture this. You have an ecommerce website with a highly engaging UI and UX. But when it comes to buying products, your e-store is lagging behind your competitors. This is a common problem with several e-stores as they lack an appealing sales point – an online designer.

If you too are witnessing a poor web traffic and low conversions, it is time you amped up your store with a Magento 2 Product Designer and let customers unleash their creativity. An online product designer won’t only help increase traffic but also drive better engagement and higher conversions and sales.

Relief from the Ordinary/Mundan

Accept it – The only constant in the world is change.

Have been selling t-shirts, mugs, cards, photo albums etc. for years, but witnessed plummeting sales and higher cart abandonment rates in the recent past? Have you ever tried to find out why this is happening? It’s happening that customers are too satiated now to buy cliched products. And they want something out-of-the-box.

Luckily, an online designer tool like a Magento 2 product designer can help you offer that. As 1 in 4 of customers are ready to pay more for a personalized product/service, you can get an edge over your competitors by offering the freedom of personalization.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty

When your customers notice that you are offering something unique, they will be more interested in purchasing more product(s)/service(s) from your store. And when you always stay on top of their expectations and satisfaction, they are sure to turn from your occasional customers into permanent customers. This won’t only help win your customers’ trust but also build your customer loyalty. As the customer loyalty increases, sales figures will also easily go up.

To Wrap It Up

In the state of a huge competition that the online retail industry has witnessed of late, relying on traditional practices can’t benefit much. It is high time you switched from ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to out-of-the-box idea and integrate an online tool like Magento 2 Product Designer tool to make your store engaging and sales-driven.


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