How To Generate More Leads With Your Website


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There are some simple ways by which sales lead can be generated. Some companies are already using some of them. You can also engage your web development company on the strategies. So, without further ado, here are some of the ways to generate sales lead with your website.

Start a blog

It is very important that you start a blog and post articles that are related to your niche. So many websites now have their own blog. There are 3 major advantages to get from starting a blog. The most important one is higher search engine ranking. When you post quality articles that are related to your niche, your ranking will be higher, especially when you include brief video clips.

The second advantage is that readers of your blog will see you as an authority when you keep updating your blog with highly educative and informative posts. This will put you at an advantage over your other competitors because being seen as an authority usually boosts sales and it comes with both credibility and trust. Even if you sell your products a little higher than average, you will still get enough patronage because your brand is trusted.

It also helps you gather a long list of email addresses for email marketing. All you have to do is to ask your readers to sign up for your newsletter. Readers that find your blog topics interestng will be too eager to share their emails with you.

Try a conversion audit

According to the founder of a successful web development company, many websites are designed in such a way that lead generation and conversion are difficult and the owners of these websites are usually not aware of the “hole” in their websites. This is because most web development companies are good at only developing visually appealing websites but they know next to nothing about lead generation and conversion.

In addition, some websites are also structured in a way that will make it difficult for search engine bots to crawl them. So, despite their SEO efforts, they are ranking remain low. With any of these websites, you will never get a return that is commensurate with your marketing and SEO efforts. So, it is important that you hire a web development company to carry out a conversion audit on their website.

You don’t want to keep fetching water into a leaking bucket. Apart from a regular conversion audit, it is also a good idea to hire a web development company that has in-depth knowledge on how to structure a website for easier search engine crawling and quicker lead generation.

Find out which website generates more calls

If you have multiple websites, it is better to include different phone numbers in each of the websites. This will make it much easier for you to find out which website generates the most call. That way, you will be able to expend more resources on that particular website.

According to Pareto’s rule, it is only 20 percent of your marketing efforts that yield 80 percent of your leads. So, why not figure out that particular 20 percent? You can then pull resources from the other 80 percent and divert them to the high-yielding 20 percent.

Make your website multilingual

If you really want to sell your products or services globally, your website should be multilingual. Yes, everyone is aware of Google’s translating facility. Think of it, why will any Spanish-speaking prospective customer bother to translate the English content of your website when there are other competitors whose websites are filled with Spanish content?

So, if you are really serious about going global, your website should be multilingual. While it is okay to default the content of your website to English so that non-English visitor can select another language, it is even a better idea to localize the content of your website. That way, the content of your website will be displayed in French when it is accessed from France or any other French-speaking country and the content of the same website will also be in English when it is accessed from any English-speaking country. It is needless to remind you that localization should include currency too. The prices of your products should be displayed in Pounds, Dollars, Euros, or any other currency depending on the location of the visitor.

Use of chatbots

Nothing impresses a prospective customer like quick response. So, in the bid to quickly answer them, smart organizations install chatbots on their websites. These bots provide real-time response to customers’ enquiries. This is because they have a huge database of answers to all kinds of business-related questions. In addition, these databases are updated regularly.

However, in the event that a customer asks a question that a bot cannot answer, it gives the customer an option of calling a particular phone number that it displays, checking back for the answer in 24 hours, or providing her email address and have the answer sent to her in 24 hours. Regardless of the customer’s choice, the bot sends the question to back-end to get its database updated with the answer to the question.

The bot can then send the answer to the customer or provide an answer should the customer check back or another customer asks the same question. Apart from responding to enquiries, the bots can also notify visitors of any promotional offer or new product. You already understand that using a chatbot will help generate lead and also save cost of hiring someone to do the job.

Adopt a sales funnel analytics

From the number of customers that visit your website to the number of customers that eventually order at least a product, you need to find the stage where you are losing the most customers. Look at this simple scenario for illustration

-> 400 people visit your website daily on the average.

-> Only 250 of them check out one product or the other – You lost 150 (400-250) customers there.

-> Only 180 of them add at least 1 product to their carts – You lost 70 (250 – 180) customers there.

-> Only 150 eventually check out – You lost 30 (180 – 150) customers there.

Based on the sales funnel report above, you lost most customers between the point of visiting and the point of checking at least one product. That is where the biggest problem lies. That is the stage that requires most attention. A problem identified is already half solved. The point here is to always do the analysis of your sales funnel regularly. It points out the problem.

With the strategies raised above, you can improve the generation of leads on your website and the conversion rate too. It is not advisable to ignore any of them.


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