How To Find The Right Mobile Ad Networks For Your App


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There are countless mobile ad networks in the market today that choosing the right one for your app is not as easy as you may think. A lot of questions have been raised by people who want to know how to select the best mobile ad network for their mobile app (because many ad networks who claim to be better than others turn out to be false options).

However, a lot of ad networks work better with certain types of apps than others (although this will depend on the kind of traffic generated and the targeted market). So finding the most suitable ad is the key to achieving successful monetization and generating steady income.

To make this process a much easier, let us look at some top mobile ad networks that come highly recommended by both app developers and publishers.


Highly recommended for newcomers in the mobile app industry as it is one of the top choices for mobile app monetization. It is less complicated and much less aggressive compared to other options. On Google, this mobile ad network offers a wide selection of tools and solutions for advertisement and promotion on AdMob – it also helps connect advertisers and publishers and provides targeted ads that in turn generate higher profits.


This is an excellent choice for gaming apps which offers creative solutions to app marketing in a professional style. It focuses mainly on the cross promotion that encourages the download of new games.

Most publishers go for way to promote their new apps in their current games as a robust solution to sustaining their fanbase by providing new and fun alternatives. Also, Chartboost ads are very efficient to use regarding bringing the right mobile ad for your app at the right time.

Unity Ads

This is a very popular network that allows app developers to monetize their entire fanbase through ads that are essential to Unity-built games. This mobile ad network targets gamers who are likely to play or sample a particular game. It offers interstitial videos, which have shown to be a rewarding experience for some developers.

Another advantage of this network is that if the Unity Engine is used for development, mobile ad and SDK is required, which can make the whole process super easy.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads, are well known as an Audience Network, that targets core audiences, and custom audiences to optimize user experience. It also stands out for being relevant, personal and an easy to use the platform. Pride itself of having higher standards for advertisers to ensure user’s content tallies with their profile and interest.

Additionally, a strict review process is required for publishers so advertisers can be at ease that all see their campaign in the high-quality environment. This tool, though new in the market has proven to be relevant and shown sizable growth since it’s launch.


This mobile ad network mainly uses notification settings and interstitial ads as a means of app monetization. The system is known for generating revenues and pulling above average eCPMs for significant growth. Provides support and on-site analytics to users and integrate SDK for an on-time payout process.

Bottom Line

Remember to carefully go through the company’s documentation after selecting your network or integrate their SDKs. Keep in mind that they want you as a client, so, therefore, can offer you interesting suggestions for placement of ad and frequently to update your results. Once your app has run for weeks, ensure you analyze which one works best for you.


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