How to ensure customer satisfaction: 7 steps for a perfect after-sales follow up


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Building a lasting relationship with your customers is a key mission of your customer service. One of the best ways of reaching out to clients is through a follow up – you can follow up with customers who have just made a purchase or with your regular clients. Here are 7 smart steps for a great after-sale follow up that will help you to build customer loyalty and improve your chances at repeat sales.

1. Revamp your customer service

Consumers always remember companies with great customers service, so make sure that yours is top notch. Establish a special follow up procedure, where your employees would call consumers to ask them whether they’re happy with your product or service. Follow up to make sure your clients received the product or provide some updates on the delivery arrangements – all this will show you care about your customers and rely on their trust.

2. Seek consumer opinion

When following up, it’s great to ask your clients what they think about your product. Your interest in what they think about your company’s offer will make them feel valued and engaged with your brand – and this is the first step to building a lasting relationship.

3. Personalize it

When contacting your clients, make sure to remember their name and your previous conversation with them. Refer to their last purchase and ask about it. All this will help them feel more ‘at home’ with your business.

4. Send birthday cards and seasonal greetings

If you’ve got a comprehensive client database, this kind of follow up can be easily automatized. Sending e-mails with seasonal greetings and featuring some relevant offers, discounts and sales advertisements will give you an opportunity for regular updates. Sending a birthday card, you can attach a special promo code or a personalized selection of products related to the ones bought by the client.

5. Reward consumer referrals

Grant your costumers special promotions or discounts if they refer your company to their family and friends. This follow up will help you to build a stable consumer network built on trust and loyalty.

6. Offer something of value

This is especially relevant if you’ve got a team of sales reps eager to find new customers and establish closer relationships with your regulars. Every time they contact a client, they should offer something of value – information about developments in the industry, an interesting article that matches the interests of the customer or a notice about what’s new at the company.

7. Send a hand-written note

Sending a thank-you note in a e-mail won’t impress anyone. A handwritten note is a great idea – not only is it more personal, but also very original. This applies mostly to situations where the sale is arranged personally by a sales representative. Establish this policy and you’ll see your reps develop closer relationships with your customers.

Industry experts agree that it’s best to follow up within two weeks after the sale. Following up is easy, costs a fraction of your time and can be vital in establishing valuable and long-lasting consumer relationships.


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