How Node.js Can Benefit Your Online Business?


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If done right, Node.js can help you take your online business to a new height. Owing to its legions of advantageous features, Node.js has brought a drastic advancement in the field of modern web development.

In this excerpt, we have brought you the required help to navigate the world of Node.js with a thorough guideline, which can teach you how to reap its benefits for your online business, step by step.

Node.js – the Unknown Facts Decoded

Node.js, a JavaScript runtime environment is built and developed on Chrome’s version 8 JavaScript engine. Agility, efficacy, flexibility, scalability are some of its major USPs, owing to which this advanced programming language has taken the field of web development by storm. As it is a highly efficient, secure and scalable web server for web applications, it’s become one of the most talked-about JS frameworks for the millennial web developers.

Most of the web applications built by Node.js are sometimes buckled with Express.js and MongoDB, which also include the usage of JavaScript. By providing a great deal of developer productivity and customer satisfaction, Node.js has fueled some of the world’s most powerful websites for PayPal, Sony, IBM, Target, Pinterest, Walmart, RedHat, and the likes.

Node.js – a Confluence of Numerous Advantageous Features

With the world-over developers increasingly inclining towards Node.js framework, it has become important to demystify some of its advantages.
In this below-mentioned excerpt, we have queued up a string of advantages of this framework.

Incredibly Agile

The incredibly high speed of Node.js has made it the most preferred framework for web development. As per the experts, Node.js should be the chart-topper when it comes to crafting the agile and feature-packed multi-user, real-time web applications for gaming apps and chat apps. With the help of JavaScript, Node.js can impeccably serve the users and server-side by providing a better synchronization, which is a mandate for every budding online store.

A Hassle-Free Coding

With Node.js, the developers can easily code in JavaScript for both the users and server. This way, it makes it easy for transferring data between different servers and users while at the same time coordinating other works. The changes in data made to the server also become easy and quick on the web pages and clients that automatically display and update them.

Offering very agile and scalable network applications, Node.js aims at meeting all the requirements of a web development process. Meteor.js, the world’s one of the most popular web app development frameworks have also been created with the support of Node.js.

Fast and Quick Suite

As it runs on the V8 engine built by Google, Node.js serves as a very agile suite. Using JavaScript into the native machine code, it operates with utmost agility. In quest of creating very agile and robust network applications, which can deal with the parallel connections with a high performance, a large number of organizations are increasingly counting on Node.js.

Although the chances of Node.js if slowing down a process are very thin, the web developers should be a tad careful while writing the codes. This way, it will become easier to put the applications on the proper track.

Node.js is also known to avoid every issue associated with forming the independent threads. Instead, it relies on a single sub-process for handling every asynchronous I/O operation. Because of its numerous benefits, many top-notch organizations like LinkedIn, etc. are opting for Node.js development for ensuring the increased mobile traffic and minimized number of servers.

Dynamic Node Package Manager

As Node.js is an open-source platform, it is capable of offering an edge with a shared repository of dynamic tools and modules. The number of modules, which are more than 60,000 in the Node Package Manager or NDM, has maximized with the exponential advancement. It will not be even exaggerating to state that it’s going to surpass the popularity of RoR platform in the near future.

Being very fast and robust NPM can aid in bringing perfection in the process of dependency management. With its soaring popularity, the community of Node.js is strengthening its ground by leaps and bounds.

Data Streaming

In the field of web app development, HTTP request, as well as response, is deemed as the two different events. They are called data streaming. For the purpose of creating a few attributes like file processing at the same time of lading, etc. this function could be used as well. If used correctly, it can minimize the duration of the entire process especially when the data is presented in a form of transmission.

Queries Regarding Database

Node.js can work wonders in solving different database queries. Database queries for the latest NoSQL databases including, CouchDB, MongoDB, etc. carry the JavaScript framework.

Web developers are not required to modulate the syntax differences at the time of joining the NoSQL and Node.js. It can also ace impeccably with the web applications in the real-time, mainly because the format of the stored data JSON can allow you to operate it sans throwing any obstacle in the process of data conversion.

Highly Productive

Node.js has been consistent on maximizing the efficacy of the latest web app development procedures, at different enterprises. It happens mainly because of the fact that Node.js is developed on JavaScript that successfully represents that the gap between the back-end as well as the front-end web developers could be split completely.

For mitigating this gap between both the developers, a string of web development hubs have now begun to combine the back-end and front-end developers together in just one unit. The efficacy of this strategy is paramount especially when it comes to ensuring a smooth workflow.

Open-Source Community

Proffering a wide variety of open-source communities that can deliver some amazing modules, Node.js has garnered a lot of appreciations from everywhere., one of the most popular modules can deal with the constant communication between the servers and clients. By doing so, it enables the servers to provide the clients with different updates in real time.

Proxy Security and Server

Node.js comes up with a proxy server, which can streamline the process of collecting data from different channels such as e-commerce websites and apps. This framework also provides high-end customization as well as 100% bespoke security standards. Owing to its security-related advantages, Node.js has been embraced by legions of millennial online entrepreneurs worldwide.


With these aforementioned features, Node.js has become a globally popular developmental framework that can help your small business excel and thrive successfully. Its scalability, flexibility, and reliability are worth the hype.

Mehul Rajput
Mehul Rajput is a CEO of Mindinventory, a leading mobile app development company that develops iOS and Android apps. He has more than 6 years experience in software development with a strong focus on mobile app development for all kinds of platforms including iOS and Android.


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