How Blockchain and AI Integration Can Benefit Businesses?


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Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are the two most famous technologies, which are leading the world to a new era. AI is the most significant development of advanced technologies that have driven the world for human-equated intelligence. The expectation of mankind increases with the AI integration to Smartphone’s and it’s covering of blockchain technology. Blockchain was earlier considered the second name of cryptocurrency and the majority of the non-technical population thinks that blockchain is only related to the digital currency.

The developing parties in blockchain and AI are entirely different. Although, the researchers are looking for the technologies for working combination. The amalgamation of technologies opens the gate for several new explorations and extremely new applications. AI enables the machine to work in coordination with humans and learn the user behavior as per the certain conditions.

The conditional activities and responsibilities of the machine are always vulnerable to alterations, where blockchain development companies find encryption a perfect cover for securing AI applications. Here in this article, we will understand how Blockchain and AI integration is beneficial for blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Development Company and what prospects businesses are viewing with the esteemed combination.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the secured system of storing information to make it unapproachable, unchangeable, and impossible to cheat. Blockchain can be considered as a digital ledger for recording all the transactions between one party and another. The transaction ledger is duplicated across the network of nodes on the blockchain. Each block contains the transactions, and whenever any transaction happens on blockchain, the record is added to every node aka participant’s ledger.

The records are made secure with a special cryptographic signature, which is called “hash” in Blockchain technology. The decentralized ledger is used by large businesses to store the data. Blockchain development services provide advanced encryption that keeps data safe from notorious hackers and sudden system crashes of blockchain development companies.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the innovative part of wide-ranging computer science. AI is concerned with smart machines that are capable enough of doing tasks that require human intervention. Artificial intelligence is an intuitive principle that integrates machine learning in creating the shift from the traditional ways to a new paradigm. AI is a viable option for every sector and prospective technology.

In simple words, AI is like a child’s brain. It keeps learning new things and making an intuitive library for picking up the responses. The intuitive capabilities of AI help machines take analytical decisions. AI is predicted to add up to $15.7 trillion to the economy while rising global GDP by 14%. Blockchain technology is going to add up to $3.1 trillion. AI and Blockchain are both complexes on their own terms, but few adjoining blocks can benefit each other.

The barrier between AI and Blockchain development services

Both Blockchain and AI work upon the data in different ways. When these technologies come together, they make a great sense of utility for the data. Data is manipulated by AI and the security is managed by Blockchain. A great extent of possibilities is there by integrating both the technologies, where AI gains the bigger potential and blockchain makes the secure infrastructure with the help of hired blockchain developers.

With blockchain, AI becomes more comprehensible, whereas machine learning can help in understanding the decisions. The prime benefit of using AI with Blockchain is to increase the efficiency of the blockchain. Let’s understand what are the benefits associated with AI and machine learning development services along with blockchain integration.

AI and Blockchain: A seamless combination

Both the technologies AI and blockchain are coming up as a deadly combination as these are cultivating every sector virtually, in which they are implemented. Right from the healthcare record security to managing supply chain logistics, no industry is untouched from these technologies. Below points will provide you more knowledge about the AI and blockchain integration-

• Blockchain is increasing its clasp all over the world. The industry is using the security and irreversible behavior of data for its components. Blockchain is complemented by AI for better management. There are four ways blockchain influences information-

o Blockchain offers robust and unbreakable security.
o All involved parties have access to the data.
o All information is copied all over the nodes.
o Data can’t be corrupted.

• The processing capabilities of machine learning development and AI services give amazing results for blockchain to perform the faster operations.
• Better restructuring is possible when human intervention is replaced with AI. Human makes mistakes due to fatigue, which comes out costlier for enterprises. With the help of development services by AI development companies, there can be made practical decisions with intuitive operations.
• AI can eliminate the need for brute force techniques and evolve some intelligent systems for mining.
• AI decisions are often incomprehensible to the mind because AI or IoT development solutions work with multiple variables by choosing the most important variables for the system. For example, the banking system can sense fraudulent transactions beforehand.

Why should AI and Blockchain come together?

Not one, there are numerous benefits if we talk about why AI and blockchain integration is needed. From encrypted information to supply chain improvement to decision-making process, everything is possible by combining AI and blockchain. Take a look at these benefits shown below-

Better security

IoT development solutions and AI have been working in harmony for a long time. Both technologies have given Smartphone devices an actual smartness like never before. But when the device becomes so capable, it becomes crucial to look at the security of the devices. With advanced encryption, the data stored in the blockchain stays safe. For the information requiring a high level of protection and for sensitive information, the blockchain technology is the best to work with.

Ensure the viability of AI

AI has the immense capability. But an industry owner does not make decisions just by trusting upon the services by an AI Development Company. A human intelligence agrees with the proof given by the folks using the same technology. Every technology faces the same barrier while entering the market.

Alongside, the main fear of AI is that one cannot rely on the decisions made by AI machines. After all, an AI device is also a machine and it can be wrong too. If the analytical behavior of the machine can be recorded and stored securely, then it can become more reliable. Blockchain can give AI a strong foundation to go for. The process can become greater and more reliable with the point-to-point data stored in a distributed ledger. With blockchain development services, the data is unchangeable and tamper-proof.

Huge data access

There are many large-scale companies in the market, which work in different niches. The industries have an eye on our every activity which influences their marketing approach. This big data is stored and kept by large companies, such as Facebook, Coca-Cola, Nestles, and many more.

The huge amount of data is only limited to huge companies which is a great point of security. With the blockchain, the data becomes accessible though not alterable. It can be used by any company regardless of size. AI ensures that users can enjoy the profit of data through blockchain development services.

Smart management of energy

An IoT device takes up lots of energy. When thousands of devices work, they can really consume a huge amount of electricity. With the integration of IoT development solutions with blockchain, it is possible to pick the data from huge databases and the same analytical behavior can be used with the devices in the whole world. The same principle can be used for less prices and mining becomes easier.

A reliable method of communication

There are many issues that need to be handled with care. A reliable proof such as smart contract makes things easier. AI helps in verifying the smart contracts and in the prediction of glitches.

Real-world application of AI and blockchain

AI development companies are shaking hands with blockchain technology, and this collaboration seems to last longer. Businesses are gaining the pretty assurance from little maneuver of integrated shift by these two techs. The powerful tech giants are offering many usable solutions for each technology, but the actual product is yet to reach daily lives. Let’s understand what solutions we can see in the real world.

Prediction based analytics

Cryptocurrency is taking the market risk head-on. The volatile market owned by equity is building a proper mechanism to take a new shift towards digital currency. Digital currency is getting a huge amount of investments. As of between increasing interest, the world needs an analytical solution which can make prediction based upon the monitoring of cryptocurrency. You get the advice on the dashboard with the forecasting for digital currency.

Filter for the message

Business owners keep getting messages daily from different sources. When there are many persons on the list, it becomes impossible to read all messages altogether. Active technology can check all the incoming messages and classify them from their types. Active chats are parsed and results are used to classify upcoming messages. This makes it easier to read or discard the messages.

Business operation

The most prevalent example for business operation handling is Core Scientific. It integrates the personalized infrastructure to the existing business network, which upgrades the server, infrastructure, and software for monitoring the supply chain and real-time reports.

Supply chain

Bext 360 in Denver uses the technology to boost transparency in the supply chain for industries such as seafood, timber, and mineral. By combining AI and blockchain development services, AI technology predicts the pattern, whereas Blockchain ensures the end-to-end recording of the data. Bext 360 evolved the mobile app development solutions for creating a transparent journey of the coffee beans. AI predicts weather and blockchain records farming data. Also, the system works as the ledger for payment.

End Words

Both AI and blockchain are complex technologies. When integrated, both technologies need to have some changes for better coordination. AI is not meant to replace human intervention, but to assist in reducing the workload and drawing out some better results. The changes for undergoing system demand a huge cost. The world is doing an effort for bringing it down to the common lives. There are hundreds of real-world applications working for the industries and giving profound results. The best is yet to come and small enterprises are waiting for it.

Jitu Bhaskar
Jitu Bhaskar is the founder of SemiDot Infotech, a mobile app and website development company that has made a global presence in a relatively short time. Jitu Loves working with Startups and Entrepreneurs to create a better world and has a keen interest in the Blockchain, AI, AR/VR, along with other emerging technologies.


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