How a Modern Contact Center Improves The Customer Experience (CX)


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A contact center provides a more effective and efficient way to improve customer experience through intuitive, cloud-based tools that enable real-time message adjustments. These cloud-based tools handle voice and text-based interactions. In addition, they can leverage social channels and SMS via intelligent virtual assistants. With these processes, customers can hold productive conversations with a voice bot.

Most customer interactions conducted with businesses today are entirely digital. According to Forbes, “twice as many consumers were willing to engage with chatbots because they were ‘very helpful.’” And Salesforce says, “69% of consumers prefer to use chatbots because they deliver quick answers to simple questions.” Omnichannel solutions tie into virtually every aspect of consumers’ communication preferences. These applications interact with all text and voice-based channels (e.g., phone, email, chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media) and bring the conversations into a single platform to promote greater customer satisfaction levels by analyzing all the data.

Creating A Data Goldmine

Digital interactions are preferred over voice conversations because the data from digital exchanges can determine if customer service needs to make changes. However, the larger goal of data mining is to improve overall customer sentiment by tracking and trending all customer actions, requests, and complaints— ensuring a frictionless experience. For example, consider this timeline of customer interactions when making everyday purchases:

1. Ordering a product.
2. Tracking the product’s delivery date.
3. Requesting status updates.
4. Asking additional questions once the item is received.
5. Requesting additional information.

Frictionless interactions leverage existing data to produce automated insights and provide proactive information at each step of the customer’s inquiry, regardless of the communication channel preference. Furthermore, this historical data is automatically collected and tracked, allowing the omnichannel solution to predict what needs to happen next to ensure customers have a pleasant and helpful experience.

These omnichannel advancements make outbound communications more enjoyable, thorough, and accurate, especially for high-volume call centers such as healthcare or financial services. These institutions often include wellness checks and procedure updates or are constantly communicating the availability, discounts, and special offers. Using an omnichannel solution ensures that customers will not receive repeated information but instead be given customized information according to the specific historical characteristics of the individual. This customization increases customer satisfaction and enables human agents to concentrate on and resolve more challenging situations. Salesforce validates this importance by stating, “64% of customer support agents who utilize AI chatbots are able to spend most of their time solving difficult cases.”


Infusing call centers with omnichannel solutions benefit both sides of the B2C equation by knowing each customer’s preferences ahead of time and realizing which of the company’s products or services are the best fit—creating an immense success with customer interactions.

In addition, the entire automated process of tapping into customer data and leveraging their existing communication preferences is a complete call center enhancement proven to increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.


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