7 Unique Education App Ideas for Startups to Consider in 2020-2021


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Technological advancements have transformed the way we used to learn and study. Today, education is not restricted by any geographical boundaries. All it needs is a smartphone with an internet connection to learn new things, get enrolled in different courses offered by universities worldwide. The latter is possible since many universities are using virtual classroom solutions for educating students.

It would be no wrong to say that eLearning is the next big trend in the education industry. This trend has resulted in a big spike in the demand for eLearning app development. So, if you, too, are looking out for an education app idea for your startup, then this article is exclusively for you. Here, we have listed seven novel education app development ideas for startups that you can think of developing to earn a fortune:


Education app development ideas for Startups

  • Language learning app
  • AR-enabled learning app
  • Audio book app
  • Preschool app
  • Task reminder app
  • Career guidance app
  • Apps for students with disability

Let’s read about them in detail:

Language learning app

A language learning application can help students to stay ahead in the competition. It can also help those students who are aspiring for studying abroad. They can learn different languages without even stepping out of their homes. These apps can also be a helping hand to those in the teaching profession to learn a new language to enhance and upgrade their skills.

AR-enabled learning app

A learning application with the potential of augmented reality can make students to learn things without any difficulty. Even the teachers can also use this app to make students understand different concepts using real-life objects and models.

Audio book app

This is an all-new concept of developing an education app for your startup. You can develop an audio book app. By using this app, students can learn or read a book at any time, even when driving. The simple concept of the app is that the user will select the book and the app will start reading it.

Preschool app

A preschool app is a boon for the parents as they can make their kids learn and grasp the alphabets, colors, animals, and more quickly, since kids love to use mobile phones these days.

Task reminder app

This type of app can remind students and teachers both about daily activities such as the date of submitting assignments, exam dates, homework, and more. They can set a reminder to get notified about various activities.

Career guidance app

Due to a lack of proper guidance and mentoring, most of the students fail to choose the right subjects to finally build a career they want. By developing a career guidance app, you can help them select the right path. To make the app stand apart, you can expert advice section where students can consult to career experts or an option that will provide students to get guidance on the additional courses that can help them to build their dream career.

App for students with disability

Education is the right of everyone, and developing an education app dedicated to disabled children is definitely a great idea. It would help those students to learn and get an education as per their convenience.

Teachers teaching through that app would also be having a prior idea of their students, and hence, they can choose the right way to make them learn and understand concepts easily. To become a successful ed-tech startup, you can consider building such an app. You can also build an education app especially for autistic children where the teachers can choose simple teaching methods to make them learn and understand.

Shortlisted one among these ideas? Now, contact an AR education app development, virtual classroom solution provider, or simply, a trusted education app development company to begin developing your education application for the Android or iOS platform.

Final Words

The advent of technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning, and more has revolutionized almost every industry, and the education section is no exception. These technologies have given birth to the global trend of eLearning or online education. Today, we have a plethora of applications and online learning platforms where students can learn and educate.

Still, there is scope for offering them more convenience and features by developing a highly advanced and feature-rich application. So, if you have been headhunting for a long time to find a unique and innovative eLearning app development idea, then read this article.

After selecting one from the seven ideas provided here, you can reach out to a reliable education app development company to turn the idea into reality. You can also hire dedicated developers with experience in AR education app development, AI development, or other technologies to make your app development dream come true.

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