7 Essential Text Messaging Stats Every Business Owner Should Know


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What’s the single largest hurdle you encounter in running your business and achieving success? Is it dealing with vendors or suppliers? Is it dealing with delivery companies? Perhaps you think it’s getting net 30 or net 60 clients to pay on time, or that it’s handling employee churn. While those are all valid concerns, most business owners point to something even more basic to their business success – reaching their customers.

Admit it, marketing is a challenge, particularly today. Digital marketing has moved to the front, and analog has fallen away, but can still pack a punch. Consumers are also both savvier and more cynical than ever before, and they have access to all the information that the World Wide Web can offer. This can leave you wondering what the best way to reach them is. Should you start a conversation on Facebook or Twitter? Is a mass mailing going to get you the ROI you need? Should you make a commercial and do some video marketing, or content marketing?

The solution to your communication needs might be pretty simple and it could be something you’re already doing every single day – SMS text messaging. Not sure how text messages can help you communicate with your audience? Let’s consider some of the most compelling text messaging statistics that you, as a business owner, need to know.

Powerful Statistics, Compelling Figures

· 98% of adults aged 18 to 29 in the US own a device capable of receiving a text message – This statistic shows you not only how widespread adoption of mobile technology is in our society, but proves the simple fact that the audience for most businesses has access to a text-enabled device.

· 90% of business leads would rather receive a text message than a phone call, according to FranchiseHelp. In short, you could be alienating your audience if you don’t text.

· More than 50% of consumers would rather text for customer support than call, if given the option between the two. That would seem like a given, considering how much we all hate sitting on hold waiting.

· Only 30% of consumers report actually receiving texts from the companies they patronize, despite stating that they would be open to receiving them.

· 64% of consumers are likely to perceive a company contacting them by text in a positive light, according to Harris Interactive. The more positive the impression of your company, the more likely they’ll buy from you, or recommend you to friends and family.

· The average response time for a text message is just 90 seconds. Compare that to the average response time for an email, which is 90 minutes, according to CTIA.org.

· Mobile Marketing Watch reports that 75% of all Millennials would rather communicate via text about appointments, delivers, coupons and the like.

So, that’s all well and good, but how do you turn those statistics into something actionable? How do you transform an SMS message into a marketing communication without alienating your audience of making a misstep?

Actually, there are quite a few ways that you can turn your audience’s preference for SMS communication to your advantage. You can use it to open up dialog, and even to get them into your physical store. Have you set up Google Click-to-Message? Is your phone number text enabled?

For instance, in-store, on-demand coupons are redeemed 80% of the time. Can you say that about any other type of coupon that your company might use? Even coupons distributed through Facebook don’t offer that sort of traction.

Out of store, on-demand coupons are redeemed up to 50% of the time, and can be easily used to drive traffic to your brick and mortar shop. Of course, you can also use SMS to increase engagement with your audience – it’s actually up to eight times better for engagement than email marketing. Finally, chances are good that your audience would love to receive an SMS from you regarding their loyalty rewards. In fact, 48% of consumers reported that loyalty programs related SMS text messages were highly valued.

When it’s all said and done, SMS marketing is a vital consideration for all businesses, regardless of industry or niche. While it should not necessarily replace other marketing channels, it can provide you with a dramatic boost to engagement, and even reduce your overall marketing spend while delivering a boost to in-store traffic.


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