5 Tips to Increase Sales of your Printing Business


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Is selling products becoming difficult for you in the constant changing world of eCommerce? It is difficult to keep up with the continuous changing time of eCommerce business. Every day we see businesses are trying out new ways to serve their customers.

The major problem with lack of sales is not having a clear understanding of customers’ needs, which in turn leads to not proper planning and sales strategy. At the end, everything results in less sales and unsatisfied customers.

Don’t worry, you can change your sales strategy and come back in the game. Sales and marketing has a huge impact on the ways you sell your products, understand pain points of users, and try to sell your products as a solution.

Struggling in defining your sales strategy? We have an answer for you!
Here, we are going to talk about tips you can follow to increase your sales and stay ahead in the ever evolving eCommerce market.

Tips to Increase your Sales:

Take your Store Online:

This is the time of digitization and taking your store online has become a need of an hour. Taking your store online is the first step you need to make. It will help you to reach global customers, understand their needs, and increase your revenue.

Different markets have different needs, once you understand it, you can define and create your marketing plan. Once you have defined the strategy, it will help you to understand and serve your customers better. Taking your store online makes it easy for you to serve your customers round the clock. Moreover, as your store is online they can easily place an order from anywhere at any time.

Online Marketing:

Once you have set up your store online, next is marketing it. There are multiple ways to do so, you can start with; digital marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, or publishing on third-party platforms.

Each of these ways is very important and has a purpose to serve. You need to understand and define which one works best for you. All of them will help you to understand your customers better and provide solutions accordingly. More you understand the customer; the better will be the clarity.

Focus more on B2B Customers:

Having bulk orders is essential if you want to run your t-shirt printing business successfully. Of course, you can sell your products in the B2C market, but it will not help in the long run. Hence make sure that you are also targeting the B2B market. The B2B market will help you to get the bulk orders and increase your sales.

Enter into Multi-Vendor Marketplace:

Multi-vendor marketplace is currently one of the best ways for marketing products and increasing sales. You can either start your own multi-vendor marketplace or enter your eStore in it. There are lots of benefits of entering into marketplaces like less cost, decrease in investment, less need of manpower, and a huge increase in sales. If you want to know more about multi-vendor, register for our live webinar here which is going to happen on 24th March at 7:30 IST. Our experts will guide you on reasons behind having a multi-vendor marketplace and how it can boost your sales.


More than ever, today people prefer custom products. There are many customers who prefer to have custom t-shirts as it helps them to express themselves. The increasing demand of personalized products has opened the door for businesses to provide their customers with software to create their own designs. Customization is helping businesses serve their customers better, increase their revenue, and stay ahead of the competition.


Sales and marketing has a vital role in the business world. They are important and the foundation of what keeps the business thriving. Even one mistake or weakness somewhere in the sales department can hinder your businesses’ revenue growth. But, not anymore! Following these tips will surely help you to grow your business and serve your customers right.


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