10 Marketing Tools for Nonprofits and Charities


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In nonprofits and charities, marketing is a powerful force for change. It’s how they connect with supporters, raise crucial funds, and, most importantly, advance the noble causes they champion. In the digital age, technology has become an indispensable ally, providing innovative tools that empower these organizations to reach a broader audience, tell their stories more effectively, and create lasting impact. Join us as we explore ten remarkable marketing tools that are transforming the way nonprofits and charities make a difference in the world.

1. Woorise – Engaging Campaigns and Fundraising


Woorise provides a comprehensive set of tools tailored to help nonprofits craft captivating campaigns and fundraising endeavors. Through its user-friendly interface and customizable templates, Woorise equips nonprofits with the means to design compelling and visually appealing campaigns. This not only streamlines the process but also enhances the organization’s ability to connect with its supporters and seamlessly collect donations online, making their fundraising initiatives all the more effective and impactful.

Main Fetures:

-Customizable templates
-Mobile-responsive donation forms
-Real-time reporting
-A/B testing
-Social sharing
-Integration with email marketing tools

For Non-Profits:

Woorise is pleased to provide special discounts for nonprofits and charities when purchasing its products. These discounts are designed to support important work and make these tools more accessible to nonprofits. Contact directly to learn more about the discounts available and how Woorise can benefit the cause.

2. Mailchimp – Email Marketing for Nonprofits


Mailchimp stands out as a robust and intuitive email marketing platform, specially designed to cater to the unique needs of nonprofits. It simplifies the process of managing your email campaigns, newsletters, and donor communications. With its powerful suite of features, you can effortlessly create, schedule, and send compelling messages to engage your audience effectively.

But what truly sets Mailchimp apart is its commitment to supporting nonprofit organizations. Registered nonprofits have the opportunity to access discounts, allowing them to adopting the full potential of Mailchimp’s tools without stretching their budget. This means you can deliver impactful, targeted messages to your donors, supporters, and communities while ensuring every dollar spent delivers significant results. With Mailchimp, your email marketing becomes a strategic asset in advancing your mission.

Main Features:

-Email automation
-Audience segmentation
-Performance Analytics
-Personalized content recommendations
-A/B testing
-Marketing Calendar

For Non-Profits:

Mailchimp understands the significance of the work carried out by nonprofit organizations and charities. That’s why a generous 15% discount is offered to verified nonprofit organizations.

3. Google Ads – Grant for Nonprofits

Google Ads

With Google Ads, nonprofits can effectively convey their message to a much larger audience. Your cause can be prominently displayed on Google’s search results and across various platforms, ensuring that your mission reaches those who need to hear it. This generous grant from Google can be a game-changer, helping nonprofits make a more significant difference in their communities and beyond.

Main Features:

-Access to up to $10,000 per month in free advertising
-Paid advertising on Google Search and other platforms
-Precise keyword and geographic targeting
-Detailed conversion tracking
-Ad scheduling

For Non-Profits:

For nonprofits, Google Ads opens a door to a powerful opportunity. This tool offers the chance to access up to $10,000 per month in free advertising, providing non-profit organizations with the means to expand their reach and achieve a broader impact.

4. Grammarly – Professional Content Editing


Grammarly plays a pivotal role in supporting nonprofit organizations in meticulously crafting flawlessly written content that leaves a lasting impression. This indispensable tool empowers nonprofits to meticulously refine their written materials, including compelling proposals, persuasive grant applications, and engaging donor communications. With Grammarly’s assistance, nonprofits can be confident in their ability to convey their messages with precision and impact, ultimately enhancing their capacity to drive positive change and garner the necessary support for their vital causes.

Main Features:

-Grammar and spelling checks
-Style suggestions
-Plagiarism detection
-Readability analysis
-Tone and clarity recommendations

For Non-Profits:

Nonprofit organizations and NGOs now have the opportunity to request complimentary access to critical Grammarly features. This access encompasses a range of Premium-level writing suggestions, administrator dashboards, and integrations with websites and workplace tools. However, it’s important to note that Grammarly’s plagiarism checker and expert writing service are not part of this offering.

5. Animoto – Video Creation


Animoto’s video creation platform to craft captivating and visually stunning video content. Nonprofit organizations can adopt the creative capabilities of this tool to narrate their stories, highlight their profound impact, and establish profound connections with their target audience. With Animoto, nonprofits can bring their missions to life, weaving together compelling narratives that resonate deeply with viewers and leave a lasting impression, all through the medium of visually enchanting videos.

Main Features:

-Video creation with customizable templates
-Image and video library
-Music Library
-Text overlay
-Easy sharing to social media

For Non-Profits

Animoto believes in the power of video to convey Non-Profit Organizations’ mission and engage their audience effectively. To make this even more accessible, it offers a unique subscription rate for approved non-profits.

Here’s how Non-Profit Organizations can get started:

>Provide the name of the Non-Profit Organization.
>Share the email address under which the account would be registered.
>Furnish Non-Profit Organization’s charity registration number or tax ID.
>Tell them more about Non-Profit Organization and the specific areas where Non-Profit Organization’s efforts are focused.
>Once they confirm the Non-Profit Organization’s eligibility for the special rate, our dedicated team will guide the Non-Profit Organization through the process of
>setting up the Non-Profit Organization’s account.

6. Canva – Design for Nonprofits


Canva serves as a remarkably intuitive and versatile design tool, purpose-built to empower nonprofits and charitable organizations in their quest to produce visually captivating and professionally polished graphics and visuals for a wide array of marketing materials. This all-encompassing platform is designed to cater to the diverse needs of these organizations, allowing them to effortlessly craft eye-catching content, whether it’s for engaging social media posts, attention-grabbing posters, or informative and visually appealing brochures. Canva stands as a creative ally for nonprofits and charities, enabling them to tell their compelling stories with artistic finesse and make a profound impact in their outreach efforts.

Main Features:

-Graphic design with templates
-Image editing
-Collaboration features
-Brand kit for consistent branding
-Publishing to print or online

For Non-Profits:

Canva, the versatile design tool, generously provides nonprofits with free Canva Pro accounts. To access premium features, simply review the eligibility criteria and complete the application process. This enables nonprofits to enhance their visual content creation for impactful communication.

7. Asana – Project Management and Collaboration


Asana serves as a comprehensive project management and team collaboration platform, meticulously designed to bring order and efficiency to the complex landscape of project execution. Nonprofit organizations can adopt the capabilities of Asana to simplify their operations. They can seamlessly streamline their tasks, establish clear priorities, and, above all, ensure that their projects are not just completed but executed with exceptional efficiency. In doing so, Asana becomes a pivotal tool for nonprofits, helping them orchestrate their efforts and make a lasting impact in their noble endeavors.

Main Features:

-Task management with due dates and priority settings
-Project timelines for effective planning
-Collaboration tools to facilitate teamwork
-Seamless integrations
-Workload management

For Non-Profits:

The Asana for Nonprofit Discount program stands as a dedicated initiative, specially tailored to provide invaluable support to eligible nonprofit organizations. Under this program, these nonprofits gain exclusive benefits, including a substantial 50% discount on Asana subscription rates. Asana also gains privileged access to the expertise of Asana’s seasoned work management software professionals. Through this program, Asana not only eases the financial burden on nonprofit organizations but also equips them with the knowledge and guidance they need to optimize their utilization of Asana’s powerful work management software, enabling them to enhance their operational efficiency and impact.

8. Slack – Streamlined Communication Platform


Slack for Nonprofits provides mission-driven organizations with a streamlined communication platform tailored to their unique needs. With Slack, nonprofits can effectively collaborate, coordinate, and communicate in real-time, ensuring that their teams stay connected and focused on their shared goals. This powerful tool facilitates seamless information sharing, fosters team collaboration, and enhances productivity, ultimately enabling nonprofits to maximize their impact and drive positive change in their communities.

Main Features:

-Channels for Organized Communication
-Real-time Messaging
-File Sharing and Collaboration
-Integration Capabilities
-Customizable Notifications
-Security and Compliance

For Non Profits:

Slack is committed to supporting nonprofit organizations in their mission to create positive social change. Through the Slack for Nonprofits program, eligible organizations of any size can access an 85% discount on Slack’s Standard or Plus plan.

9. Later – Social Media Scheduling


Later stands as a comprehensive social media scheduling tool, thoughtfully designed to empower nonprofits in the strategic planning and seamless automation of their social media content. By utilizing Later, nonprofit organizations can effortlessly orchestrate their social media campaigns, resulting in a steady cadence of posts that not only maintain consistency but also actively foster meaningful engagement with their audience. This powerful tool equips nonprofits with the ability to efficiently manage their social media presence, ultimately enhancing their outreach and impact within their communities and beyond.

Main Features:

-Social media scheduling and calendar
-Visual content planner
-Instagram auto-publishing
-Audience analytics for data-driven decision-making
-‘Link in bio’ feature

For Non-Profits:

Later is dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations with discounts on both annual and monthly subscription payments. Qualified nonprofit organizations can enjoy a 50% discount, making it more accessible to its social media scheduling tool. Moreover, in recognition of the fight against racism, Later offers a remarkable 100% discount on its Growth monthly plan for nonprofit organizations committed to combating racism. This initiative aims to provide essential resources to nonprofit organizations, enabling them to amplify their mission and engage with their audience effectively.

10. Bitly – Link Shortening and Tracking


Bitly emerges as a highly adaptable and multifaceted link-shortening and tracking tool, serving as an invaluable asset for nonprofits seeking to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing endeavors. This dynamic platform empowers nonprofits by furnishing comprehensive insights into link engagement, allowing them to not only shorten lengthy URLs for convenience but also meticulously track the performance of these links. With Bitly, nonprofits gain the ability to dive deep into the analytics of their links, assessing click-through rates, geographic data, and device types to paint a comprehensive picture of their marketing impact, ultimately enabling them to fine-tune their strategies for greater success.

Main Features:

-Customizable link shortening
-Detailed link tracking
-Audience Insights
-QR code creation
-Branded short domains

For Non-profits:

Although Bitly provides a free plan, it does not currently offer any additional discounts to Non-Profit organizations. If you are a tax-exempt Non-Profit organization, follow these steps to provide them with your organization’s IRS determination letter, which you received when your Non-Profit organization obtained 501(c)(3) tax-exempt classification.

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