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Four categories of enterprise gamification

Blog post by on April 22, 2014

When you think of gamification, what are the common things that come to mind? Points, badges, leaderboards. These items are in the cognitive toolkit. But looking at the sheer variety of game mechanics, you can see that’s …

Speed Kills

Blog post by on April 20, 2014

Speed Kills. These words are most often attributed to the late, great owner of the Oakland Raiders, Al Davis. The game of football has evolved over the past 50 years to embrace this reality. In the 50s …

3 Root Causes of Marketing Automation Failure and How To Fix Them

Blog post by on April 20, 2014

The majority of marketing leaders report dissatisfaction with results from Marketing Automation. Frost & Sullivan reveals 75% not accomplishing what they expected. Failed implementations of Marketing Automation litter the battlefield. CMOs know their marketing automation isn’t delivering …

Fixing Your Intranet: A Guide For Leadership

Blog post by on April 18, 2014

The corporate intranet is a complex organism. This prettier, younger sister of earlier knowledge management tools is now ever-present in many larger enterprises. While intended to tap into pre-existing employee engagement and insight-sharing behaviors and encourage the …

Mobile CRM Drives Retailer ‘Clienteling’ Makeover

Blog post by on April 17, 2014

Remember the old-time shopkeeper who knew his customers so well that he practically had their orders ready when they walked through the door?In practice, few of us have probably known this type of retail experience. But it’s …