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Employees can make or break great customer experiences. Are you engaging them for growth? VIDEO resource Featured

To deliver a great customer experience, you must first do the work of ensuring your employees are empowered to deliver on your vision. See how our community platform is designed to shape an ecosystem of knowledge between decision makers and the front line, ensuring greater ROI on your CX program.

Connect In the Now: Preparing Your Brand to Engage with Today’s Consumers event Featured

[10/25/2018] Today, experiences are won or lost in the moment they occur. Learn how brands can take advantage of new ways (mobile apps, messaging, connected devices, and more) to engage with customers in real-time to turn a live experience into an opportunity to proactively improve.

Hooked On Customers: The Five Habits of Legendary Customer-Centric Companies book Featured

Combining his own professional experiences working as a CEO with his extensive research and expertise as an international authority on customer relationships, author Bob Thompson reveals the five routine organizational habits of successful customer-centric businesses: Listen, Think, Empower, Create, and Delight.

Getting Your CX Program Unstuck: 3 Secrets From the Trenches resource Featured

Are your Customer Experience efforts stalled or struggling to show benefits that the CFO will understand? Get the secrets to CX success plus tips on how to deal with common roadblocks and how to use maturity modeling to know where to focus your attention.

How to Drive CX ROI with a Connected Service Experience resource Featured

Customers expect an effortless, connected experience. Business leaders want to see a return from CX investments. Learn how successfully optimizing and connecting service processes to provide a superior customer experience can be the foundation for continued CX momentum and executive support.

PIG Strategy: Make Customer Centricity Obsolete and Start a Resource Revolution book

"PIG Strategy is a true innovation in customer experience.” - Shaun Smith, founder of Smith+Co Consultancy, author and professional speaker.

The World's 1st CX Certification - 62nd Workshop in Bahrain on Jan 27-28, 2019 event

[01/27/2019] Global CEM runs the world's 1st CX certification workshop in 19 international cities participated by senior business executives from 69 countries. The 62th workshop will be held in Bahrain on Jan 27-28, 2019. Early bird discount of USD300 expires by Dec 15. Register now!

Wizu - The Chatbot For Conversational Surveys For Customer Experience, Market Research and more. solution

Wizu is an artificial intelligence powered chatbot that can be used for conversational surveys. Wizu offers a more engaging way to collect feedback which delivers better completion rates and a deeper level of insight. Wizu surveys can be customized, personalized and used in a range of different scenarios.

Custom Software Development solution

CodeFirst is a UK software company that provides customized software solutions to businesses worldwide. We can help improve many areas of your business including customer service. Get in touch for a free consultation to see if a bespoke application can help you. Your customers will thank you for it!

The Best Service is No (need for) Service book

Based on lessons from Amazon where I served as its 1st WW VP of Customer Service, and many companies to whom my LimeBridge co-author David Jaffe introduced the concept, we show that "the best service is no service": Do right thing for your customers, and fix underlying problems.

Web and Mobile Application Development Company solution

Xtreem Solution is a mobile and web application development company that offers solutions for large business and small business enterprise. We are active since 2008 with more than 110+ professionals dedicated experts or developers. Xtreem Solution offers web, mobile, cms, e-commerce application development on cutting-edge technology.

Analytics software and services you can trust solution

SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. SAS gives you THE POWER TO KNOW®.

Empower people to improve their world by making voices matter solution

As the industry leader in B2B, Confirmit's leading software and services help businesses listen to customers, markets and employees, analyze insights and take action to drive business growth.

Global leader in customer experience solutions solution

Genesys® powers 25 billion of the world’s best customer experiences each year. Our success comes from connecting employee and customer conversations on any channel, every day. Our industry-leading solutions foster true omnichannel engagement, performing equally well across all channels, on-premise and in the cloud.

Connect with customers on any channel solution

The Zendesk platform is where the action is. Customer interactions across phone, chat, email, social media, and any other channel you can imagine, all come together in one place.

Customer relationship management (CRM) platform solution

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Our cloud-based applications for sales, service, marketing, and more don’t require IT experts to set up or manage — simply log in and start connecting to customers in a whole new way.

Inbound marketing and sales platform solution

HubSpot is inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

Customer Experience Innovation: How to Get a Lasting Market Edge book

Firms offering remarkable CX create loyal customers who happily pay more for their products and services, and then refer them to other customers for free. This book outlines innovative processes used to research, conceive and develop innovations in the CX space for both large and small companies.

Likeable Business: Why Today's Consumers Demand More and How Leaders Can Deliver book

Likeable Business lays out 11 strategies for organizations of all sizes to spur growth, profits, and overall success. Dave Kerpen reveals the remarkable returns you’ll get when you gain the trust of your customers and stakeholders. In today’s social media world, it literally pays to be likeable.

On Fire at Work: How Great Companies Ignite Passion in Their People Without Burning Them Out book

On Fire at Work flies in the face of other books on workplace culture by showing that employee engagement isn't the ultimate goal--it's merely the starting point. Renowned leadership expert Eric Chester uncovers best practice strategies for getting employees to work harder, perform better, and stay longer.

Carrots and Sticks Don't Work: Build a Culture of Employee Engagement with the Principles of RESPECT book

Reward and recognition programs can be costly and inefficient, and they primarily reward employees who are already highly engaged and productive performers. Worse still, these programs actually decrease employee motivation because they can make individual recognition, rather than the overall success of the team, the goal.

Be Your Customer's Hero: Real-World Tips & Techniques for the Service Front Lines book

On the front lines of customer service, every day presents new and unexpected challenges-and even the most dedicated employees can be caught unprepared. They need confidence. They need training. They need help. Be Your Customer's Hero answers the call.

Customer Service Care Support Success for Life book

If your organization has been struggling to reach the target sales level, in spite of manufacturing superior quality products, or providing unparalleled service, then the fault may lie in how your treat your customers, that is, customer service.

The Truth About Employee Engagement: A Fable About Addressing the Three Root Causes of Job Misery book

Through the story of a CEO turned pizzeria manager, Lencioni reveals the three elements that make work miserable -- irrelevance, immeasurability, and anonymity -- and gives managers and their employees the keys to make any job more engaging.

Why Talk is Cheap: Employee Engagement and the Bottom Line book

A rare and comprehensive, strategic yet practical review of communication within organizations. Connects communication messaging, channels & surveys to create employee engagement and business results. Includes frameworks, templates & step-by-step guides. Useful for C-suite, managers & communication professionals.

The Experience: The 5 Principles of Disney Service and Relationship Excellence book

The Experience is a unique guide to mastering the art of customer service and service relationships, based on the principlesemployed at the renowned leader in customer experience­— the Walt Disney Company. Learn how to bring that same level of care and value to your own organization.

Disrupt You!: Master Personal Transformation, Seize Opportunity, and Thrive in the Era of Endless Innovation book

The business leaders of our future must anticipate change to create their own opportunities for personal satisfaction and professional success. In Disrupt You!, Jay Samit describes the unique method he has used to invent new markets and expand established businesses.

Call Center Rocket Science: 110 Tips to Creating a World Class Customer Service Organization book

Here you will find real world advice on a wide variety of topics essential to effective call center management including: Recruiting and Hiring: How to find great agents, what to look for in a candidate, how to weed out applicants, closing the best candidates.

Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't book

Too many workplaces are driven by cynicism, paranoia, and self-interest. But the best ones foster trust and cooperation because their leaders build what Sinek calls a "Circle of Safety" that separates the security inside the team from the challenges outside.

Contagious: Why Things Catch On book

Whether you’re a manager at a big company, a small business owner trying to boost awareness, a politician running for office, or a health official trying to get the word out, Contagious will show you how to make your product or idea catch on.