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How to Win and Keep Customers for the Long-Term: 5 Tips from a Chief Customer Officer

Customer expectations have changed. We now live in an experience economy where every customer values and expects high-touch, high-quality experiences with brands. With the...

Leaders, Are You Using Personality Data to Your Advantage?

A continually growing field, there are many practical applications for artificial intelligence in today’s business economy. From personalized advertising and product recommendations to fraud...

Segmentation: The Key to Improving CX for Customers That Matter Most

“A FOUR, WE GOT A FOUR!???” I yelled at my smart phone. I stared at the number in disbelief. I looked at my wife who shrugged. It...

Experience Designers Engage Customer Participation

By J. Robert Rossman and Mathew D. Duerden, coauthors, Designing Experiences, (2019), New York, NY: Columbia University Press.  There is great interest in participating in...

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Why 1 in 4 of You Will Lose Your Job in 2020

Your CFO doesn’t care about your customer experience (CX) surveys. She cares about the health of your business, and it’s unlikely she sees a direct link between your survey scores and the measurements she follows. Meanwhile, your CEO is focused on your customers, but that doesn’t mean he cares about your surveys, either.

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