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Why Every Business Leader Needs to Experience How a Customer Feels

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion”— Dale Carnegie. When was the last time,...

Verint Doubles Down on “Engagement” Strategy, Pushes VoC Unification

Last week I had an enjoyable visit to Orlando, Florida, for Verint's annual Engage conference. I'd like to share some highlights and comments about...

How to Reduce Support Costs with Customer Education and Onboarding

Historically, companies have evolved into siloed functional units such as Support Services, Professional Services, and Education Services. In today’s world, innovative companies are increasingly...

How to Use Pricing as a Competitive Advantage: 5 Strategies

Properly pricing products and services is always something of a challenge because it seems that everyone has a different view on the matter. Also,...

Think Tank Discussions

Outcome or Effort, Which Should You Reward?

Do you focus on outcomes, positioning your staff and yourself as life’s winners. Or does all your effort go into the inputs, how hard your staff tried, what they did well and what they can learn from?

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