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Trust is the Foundation for B2B Marketing Disruption

Commerce has always relied upon trust -- we trust that a piece of paper printed by the government is worth a unit of value...

A Company-Wide Customer-First Obsession: A Must-Have, Not an Option

User expectations have soared in the app-driven economy. People tend to compare companies less against competitors than against their own notion of an ideal...

Two Tips to Stop Placing the Burden for Good CX on Your Customers

A colleague recently ran into a very frustrating customer experience. This situation raises the question— why are so many companies placing the burden for...

Less Data, More Trust: The Effect of New Privacy Rules on Customer 360 Strategies

Data is the driver of today’s marketing initiatives. A well-executed, data-driven marketing program will further segment consumer profiles by harvesting consumer information when promoting...

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A Bold Customer Experience Prediction

Call me a cynic, but here’s my bold customer experience prediction for most companies in the coming year: Not much will change.

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