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Applying a Customer-Centric Mindset To Employee Retention

“The customer is always right.” This phrase, popularized by successful retailers in the early 1900s, has been a guiding principle for many organizations over...

Real Customer-Centricity Starts with Product Development

In launching our business in 2002 our hardest decision was agreeing on a name. We chose CustomerCentric Selling® and weren’t enamored with it. A...

Stop Blaming the Help. How Companies Stymie Great CX

"I'm giving my two weeks' notice today", the young women with the blue hair told me as she struggled to assign me a storage...

Avoid These Common Jobs-To-Be-Done Fails

Defining the customer’s job-to-be-done correctly is fundamental to a company’s success. Don’t let these two common mistakes derail your innovation efforts. “People don’t want a...

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Trust: I don’t think Wells Fargo gets it yet

By focusing on the “metrics are bad” message, Wells Fargo misses the point. Yes, they fired thousands of people, but the likelihood that they got rid of all the bad apples is unlikely.

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