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Account-Based Marketing: 3 Things B2B Marketers Should STOP Doing to Achieve Better ROI

B2B marketers know that, often, there are more hurdles to a marketing strategy’s success than ways to win. Challenges like measurement, brand engagement, effective...

How to Understand Your Audience and Reach with Branded Content

Knowing your audience is not only the cornerstone to successful marketing and media campaigns but also to successful businesses. It’s no surprise, and I’ve...

Changing Customer Needs Are Disrupting Your Business: 5 Keys For Responding Effectively

Board rooms in most companies focus on investors and innovation – they spend inordinate time on stock prices, activist investors, and technology and pay...

Customer Success — A Unifying Mission for CRM and CXM

In this article, I’ll discuss how the “customer success” movement has developed, what it means, and why I believe it should be a unifying mission to help companies get value from both CRM and CXM, or whatever term you want to use for being customer-centric.

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