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Transform or Die! Business Transformation is No Longer Optional

We live in a business world full of disruption. Whether you work in financial services, manufacturing, logistics or retail, no business today can ignore...

Using AI to Predict Needs and Deliver a Fluid CX

I am going to talk about two things that, at first, may seem unrelated: Artificial intelligence (AI) and empathy. To some, they might even...

Is Value Co-Creation Always Necessary?

Much has been written by experts on value co-creation. Some believe that without co-creation value cannot be provided. I have a view which is similar...

Mr. Zuckerberg Goes to Washington: Who Really Suffers when Facebook Is Wrong?

In Wednesday's testimony before the combined Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees, Mark Zuckerberg exchanged the Silicon Valley startup uniform of tight-fitting t-shirt and hoodie...

Think Tank Discussions

Ryanair: Low Prices + Unhappy Customers = CX Success Story?

Ryanair is the most successful airline in Europe, riding its low-low-low price strategy for years. Since price is part of the customer experience, is Ryanair a CX success story? Or is higher levels of customer satisfaction required?


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