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Are AI-Powered Chatbots Ready for Mainstream Adoption?

Blockchain, hyped as the technology is at the moment, has not only quite some potential but has matured considerably over the past months. Still, after...

7 Essentials for a Customer Service Voice and Style Guide

Over the past few years, I’ve worked with dozens of our new clients at FCR to help them design a quality process for the...

3 Tips for Re-Engaging Lost and At-Risk Customers

Findings from recent Voice of Customer (VoC) research we conducted for Fortune and Growth brands indicate a disturbing trend: increasing customer churn. Given the high...

Acquisition Addiction’s Impact on Customer Experience ROI

Addiction to acquisition of customers is taking a toll on customer experience ROI. Did you know that 1.8 trillion dollars lost through customers switching...

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The only way Tesla can hope to win

For Tesla to continue its heyday growth it needs to turn the table on the entire industry. By moving away from the car-ownership to car-as-a-service business model.

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