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Does Your B2B Site Give Millennial Buyers What They’re Looking For?

Your B2B website exists to connect you with buyers, but is it getting the job done? What has worked for customer engagement in the...

Sales Reps (Still) Hate CRM. Here’s What to Do About That

Salespeople really love to feed data into their CRM system after a long day, or even during the weekend. They are truly looking forward...

Align Marketing and Sales to Streamline the Buying Experience: 4 Imperatives

In Deloitte: The Future of B2B Sales is “Experience Selling, Bob Thompson relates a discussion he had with Harry Datwani, a Principal at Deloitte...

How AI-Infused Knowledge Management Tools Support CX

Mention the term knowledge management (KM) and you’d once be greeted by a roomful of yawns. Not anymore. With artificial intelligence (AI) injecting new...

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Are You Ready to Go Exclusive with Jane, Your Digital Concierge?

Your preferred brands will not be able to love you back until more of you choose to be in an exclusive relationship with them. How will a Digital Concierge catch on when people buy on aggregator sites based on price?

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