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A CX No-No: Cross-Culture NPS Comparisons

I was prepared for the worst. It was a short domestic flight in France so I thought I would gamble on EasyJet. I had some experience...

Outcome-Driven Innovation Brings Deep Insights To Hardware And Software Development

While customer insights have driven hardware and software development for years, Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) takes customer-centered innovation to the next level. Whether a company is investing...

The Accidental Customer Experience

I often write my blog posts and articles whilst travelling on either a train or an aeroplane. Although I can also be found hunched...

ROI: Return on Involvement

Imagine this conversation between two shoppers at a car dealership: Consumer #1: I want the one I read about in the latest issue of Car...

Think Tank Discussions

How did marketers let GDPR happen?

Marketers deserve GDPR because of the way they have rapaciously used every sliver of data they could get their hands on. The backlash has begun, and with it, marketers again appear to be low-life manipulators who would sell their own mother for another point of revenue.


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