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Deloitte: The Future of B2B Sales is “Experience Selling”

Late last year I received a copy of an excellent paper reviewing the results of Deloitte's research into the state of "experience selling." I wanted...

Top Three Reasons Why an Automation-First Strategy Will Transform Your Customer Service

As we enter into a new decade, the need for innovation in customer experience will continue to be a top priority for many businesses....

Beating the CX Slump: Leaders Spend Money Faster

Welcome to 2020 and the start of a new decade! CX dominated the conversation in the past 10 years; it will be interesting to...

Seize the Opportunity to Differentiate with AI-Powered Digital Experiences

For most people, a call to customer service is about as exciting as a trip to the dentist. No one enjoys being put on...

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51% of UK Consumers Trust Their Friends or Partners Recommendations More Than Any Other Brand Advertising

Mention Me's third annual report into customer advocacy and referral trends, reveals what motivated UK consumers to refer brands, which sectors and brands are most referrable, and which qualities were most likely to drive a brand recommendation.

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