Major Segments In Which The AIoT Is Making An Impact: Wearables, Smart Home, Smart City, And Smart Industry


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The introduction of AI in the IoT App Development Company has brought with it a ray of hope for a better tomorrow in the field of technology. As the name suggests, AIoT is the combination of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet Of Things. Over the last few years, IoT has been losing its popularity. On the other hand, AI is an independent and smart technology in itself.

To enhance the features of the Internet of Things, therefore, AI was combined with it. It has a lot of noticeable benefits. Besides, it reduces the time of processing the device and the cost of developing and installing it.

In this article, you will read about the major segments in which the AIoT is making an impact.

Is AIoT The Future Of Industrial Connectivity?

The combination of AI and IoT is giving a much better Internet of Things solutions than any other traditional technology could. The future and the success of industrial connectivity are balancing on three major pillars, all of which are stated below:

● AI

By combining AI with IoT, connectivity has improved a lot. The devices are becoming more compatible with the human mind as well as are proving to be beneficial for the IoT App Development Services around the world.

● 5G

It is no secret that 5G is almost a hundred times faster than 4G. It gives no latency to real-time data analysis. In a world where everyone is working 24 hours a day because of internet connectivity, 5G is an elixir for a mobile app development company.

● Big Data

This is something that every company needs today. To work with heaps and heaps of data with normal processing is difficult for any company, but can be processed and handled without any hassle with the use of technologies like AI and 5G.

IoT is also known as the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT). It has been proved to drive heaps of data for a company in less time, and that too efficiently. But the processing of all that data has to be done on a server that has AI installed on it. So, we can say that AI helps IoT to display its full potential. As both of these technologies can be easily combined, only wanders are expected from an IoT App Development Company.

Cognitive Technologies And AIoT

As it has been mentioned above in the article, AI is combined with IoT to form AIoT. Now, it has collaborated with even more cognitive technologies to provide better results and make everything that we use in our day-to-day life compatible with the human mind. Here’s a list of few such technologies that are of immense benefit and are proving to provide better Internet of Things solutions.

1. Wearables

Wearables like smartwatches, earbuds, and AR/VR goggles already have IoT enabled in them. In order to make it function better, faster, and more accurately, AI is also being integrated into them. As watches and earbuds are used very frequently in our day-to-day lives, AI can monitor and track our habits, lifestyle changes, health, heart rate, and many other things. This has been proven to improve our lifestyle by enabling us to keep a track of our health, fitness, habits, and time table all throughout the day. If you are a mobile app development company, you can also develop such apps that are compatible with these technologies.

2. Smart Home

We used to see technologies like smart homes in science fiction movies and shows. Now, with technologies like AI and IoT, we can have homes that will respond to every request that we make. From appliances and electronic devices to the doors of your house, everything will be smart and will follow the instructions as per your convenience. With the help of AI, it will also be able to memorize all of your preferences and work accordingly. Even all the IoT App Development Services are creating apps that are compatible with such technologies.

3. Smart City

Why restrict this technology to our homes when we can make the whole city smart? This has helped a lot in controlling problems like traffic and pollution control. It has also helped to reduce the consumption of resources and give more productive results.

4. Smart Industry

Earlier in manufacturing, there used to be a lot of human errors. This has reduced down to negligible with the help of AIoT. It has made the manufacturing part more efficient, fast, and easy by transforming everything digitally. Since all the machines are operated digitally, the chances of human error decreases.

AIoT And Industry 4.0

The amalgamation of AIoT and Industry 4.0 is being brought about to be able to do something unimaginable for all the industries and manufacturing units. Plans are being made to create infrastructures that are fully AIoT-powered and have self-repairing capabilities so that no human life is harmed or lost during any kind of mishappening. The combination will help in the scalability of the industry by providing technologies like AI-powered computers, robots, and automation. It is also estimated that by 2022, 80% of AI-powered IoT projects will be implemented. Without any doubt, it will prove to be a revolutionary step for industry 4.0.


The chances are close to nil that the AIoT will ever slow down. It will only help the other technologies to grow more and more. With the help of extravagant technology like AI, speed of 5G, and big data analysis, everything and anything is possible in today’s world. Already it has leveraged many devices such as smart-watches, speakers, earbuds, mobile phones, home appliances, thermostats, etc. In industries, it has made energy grids, street lights, transportation, robots, and sensors smart such that they have an artificial memory of their own. At the rate at which the technology is advancing, it seems that the impacts that AIoT can have on the world are limitless. That day is not far when everything that we are using will become AI-powered.

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