Social Network Analysis and its impact on your company’s bottom line.


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Your company is growing, expanding into different geographies; has lots of employees in many regions, distributed locations… – do you know if all these people communicate? What is the cost of them not communicating?

You just hired a new employee. How well is your company set up to connect this new employee with the key resources to make this person effective on his new job?

“Falling communications costs, globalization, and the increasing specialization of knowledge-based work have made collaboration within and among organizations more important than ever. “

McKinsey Quarterly

Here is just one of many examples that demonstrates business impact of Social Network Analysis:

Halliburton: By sharing best practices among regions, especially some emerging insight from the Gulf of Mexico, the business unit increased revenues 22 percent while simultaneously lowering the “cost of poor quality” metric by 66 percent. Additionally, productivity improved by 10 percent and customer dissatisfaction dropped by 24 percent.

There are numbers of tools available that help companies to visualize and analyze their social networks. But I was very impressed by the product that was recently released by Business Objects an SAP Company: Social Networks Analyzer.

I am thrilled to have Laurent Bride – VP Innovation Centers and ARC – presenting at the upcoming event for Silicon Valley Executives. Laurent will not just show the new version of the product, but he will also explain how this product can be used to get a better understanding of internal social networks.

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