OneSignal Launches Journeys to Deliver Personalized Cross-Channel Customer Experiences


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Customer Engagement Platform with Dynamic Messaging Workflow Builder Reaches Users Across Devices and at Scale

SAN MATEO, Calif., June 2022OneSignal, Inc., the world’s most widely-used omnichannel customer messaging platform, announced the launch of Journeys, an easy-to-use visual workflow builder to provide customized user experiences. Designed to orchestrate a brand’s messaging and activate user data, the launch of Journeys expands OneSignal’s messaging solution into a complete customer engagement platform.

“Customers have come to expect a personal and consistent user experience from brands across multiple channels,” said George Deglin, CEO of OneSignal. “With Journeys, brands can connect their messaging across channels to map personalized user journeys that reflect and adapt to the specific ways their customers engage with their messaging. As one of our top product requests, we’ve worked with our customers to build a complete product suite that solves their needs to engage and retain users.” 

What makes OneSignal’s product unique is the usability for marketers and developers alike. Today’s marketers are looking for easier, more automated ways to customize their customer communications across devices and at scale – and developers are increasingly looking for low-code or no-code ways to enable their marketing teams. OneSignal’s easy-to-use visual workflow builder simplifies the process of creating customer messaging journeys across channels. For critical customer touchpoints like onboarding, abandoned cart reminders, or trials and upgrades, companies can craft contextual message sequences to deliver the right message at the right time, with no engineering resources required.

Benefits of Journeys include: 

  • Deliver relevant content at the right time – Create personalized messages and workflows that are directly relevant to users based on how they’ve interacted with your product
  • Grow engagement – Guide users across every touchpoint to create a cohesive Journey that makes customers more likely to interact when they receive timely, personalized, and relevant messaging. 
  • No-code, user-friendly builder – Anyone can create Journeys directly in the dashboard, without needing to wait on engineering resources to set up complex logic and infrastructure. 
  • Seamless cross-channel orchestration – Engage with audiences and deliver automated, personalized and relevant experiences across messaging channels. 

“It can be tough figuring out how to send engaging content to users at scale but with OneSignal Journeys, we are able to do that quickly and effectively,” said OneSignal customer Phillip Glapa, Digital Marketing Manager at EatStreet, an online food ordering service. “We’ve been able to create more personalized and relevant journeys with an omnichannel approach that guides users at every stage in their customer lifecycle and we are starting to see the benefits with higher engagement and conversions across the board — It’s a powerful asset that we will continue to use heavily. ”

There are hundreds of brands actively using the OneSignal Journeys product. This encompasses a wide range of industries and use cases, such as: 

  • EatStreet, an online food ordering service, uses Journeys to drive first and repeat orders as well as reduce abandoned carts.
  • Amon, a crypto app, leverages Journeys to automate re-engaging inactive users who haven’t accessed the app in a while via push notifications.
  • Bingo Bling, a gaming app, employs Journeys combining push and email to re-engage users who have been inactive.
  • Upside Health, a pain management healthcare app, harnesses Journeys to launch a multi-week engagement sequence around their wellness events using tags and customer segments created in Mixpanel.
  • FishVerify, a sport fishing app, uses Journeys to power automated, customized onboarding sequences based on a customer’s engagement, as well as to trigger new offers following the onboarding journey.
  • CeleBreak, an app for finding and joining local soccer games, utilizes Journeys to automate sending notifications to encourage users to join upcoming games they have viewed.

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