Marketing Automation: What Is It For?


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Currently, most companies are involving marketing automation in all their processes, in order to be more efficient and at the same time saving efforts.

Surely you’ve ever heard or read something related to the term marketing automation. But, if you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry, you’re in the right place. Next, we will explain what it is and what it is used for.

What is marketing automation?

While the concept of marketing automation is not new, it is very likely that you still do not know 100% of what it is and do not know all its advantages. It is the set of integrated technological tools and computer programs that manage the communication campaigns of companies with the aim of selling more and with the least effort through the digital field.

Automation is done through pre-designed scenarios that perform an action according to the user’s behavior, for example: sending a welcome email when registering in a form or sending an email at the time the user leaves the shopping cart.

What is marketing automation good for?

Some of the most common features of marketing automation tools are: mass mailing messages to emails, management and design of landing pages, forms design, CTA, capture leads, lead nurturing, lead scoring, centralized database, integration CRM, customer service chatbots, analytics and reports. Do you still doubt its importance? Let’s see more examples:

• Send a welcome email: Sending a welcome email to a new record on your website is the best way to establish a good relationship with your users, readers or customers from the beginning.

This message serves both to give more value to your proposal, as well as to give your contacts an idea of what they can expect from you. Do not hesitate to explain what type of emails you are going to send them and how often.

• Send a discount to your contacts for their birthday: This is undoubtedly one of the simplest implementation scenarios. If you collected the birth dates of your contacts, you can easily send them an automatic email on their birthday.
This allows you to improve your long-term customer relationship and generate some sales with very little investment.

• Create an automatic email to reactivate abandoned shopping carts:

If you manage an e-commerce site, you better than anyone know how frustrating it is to observe that most of your potential buyers leave your cart before finalizing the purchase.

Although there are several causes that explain the abandoned cart, it is possible to reduce them by contacting the customers.In that case, make use of this email to reassure them regarding the delivery, return, or to make suggestions based on the products they left abandoned in the cart.

Who can take advantage of marketing automation?

Any marketer who wants to extend the relationship with their customers can use marketing automation. However, this will be even more useful if you already have a certain experience in marketing and know your conversion funnel.

You should adopt marketing automation if:

• You generate many leads. Marketing automation is especially powerful for transforming your visitors into leads, particularly thanks to lead nurturing or lead scoring.
• You want to improve your email marketing. Through the segmentation and dynamic management of your contact lists, you can significantly improve the impact generated by your campaigns.
• You want to improve your relationship with the customer. By activating the sending of emails according to precise actions, marketing automation allows you to individually address each of your contacts at the time they will be more receptive.

Platforms to do marketing automation

The evolution of marketing makes it necessary to use tools that carry out all the actions that are part of marketing campaigns.

Measuring the impact of these actions is one of the most important challenges facing marketing, for this reason, we will recommend a series of online platforms that facilitate these tasks.

• HubSpot:

It is the company par excellence in this field. It is a pioneer in marketing automation and creator of the term inbound marketing, offering tools connected to each other. All the services they offer are aimed at increasing sales through lead capture, attracting website traffic and analyzing results.

• ActiveCampaign

One of the perfect tools that automate email marketing, allowing you to do all the operations you do right now. It is one of the best platforms for sending the newsletter.

• Pardot

This is one the most used platforms among B2B companies that have a maximum of 500 employees. One of the advantages of this platform is that all monthly plans have common functionalities, such as email marketing, CRM or landing page creation.

• Marketo

Created by marketing specialists, it makes it one of the most used platforms in marketing management because they speak the same language as their customers.

By integrating all areas of the marketing process and having everything interconnected, it offers functionalities of all kinds:

• Traffic attraction
• Lead acquisition and management
• Analysis of result

Did you find this post useful? Most companies are moving towards automation because it is the most effective way to segment messages, send them in a timely manner, with personalized content, and save time and effort to the marketing department. So don’t think about it anymore, start implementing it and you’ll see the results.


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