How AI is helping industries with facial Identification/Recognition


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Face recognition or identification is the forward-thinking technology due to artificial intelligence. AI is utilized to create a smart engine which is based on the processing of visual content and visual data software. It is built to forecast the benefit to the businesses and its customer.

The advancement of facial identification technology embedded with AI is to create a smart system that is able to scan faces on the behalf of Face ID automatically. From starting AI has created buzzword all over the world with the ability to perform cognitive functions expected from humans. Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning with AI is paving the way machines think, talk and act like humans.

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How facial recognition or identification is being used?

Facial recognition is useful across various industry verticals. Today, we see this technology helping news organizations identify 3D logos in their products, providing secondary authentication via mobile applications.
AI is helping in indexing image/video files for media and entertainment companies. That is helping big organizations or groups to identify and rescue human trafficking victims.
Apart from that, AI provides agencies to save invaluable time by using image analysis to search automatically through millions of records in seconds. Due to the presence of smart surveillance cameras embedded with AI everywhere facial identification has become faster and more accurate under all conditions.

AI and Computer Vision

Computer vision the higher extension of AI has proved to solve several difficult problems. AI is helpful for content services platforms used of the gathering information for a specific task regarding face recognition quickly and accurately.

Using these AI solutions act as the safety analytics and investigation framework with computer vision to track down suspects during crime investigation through facial recognition technology.
Decisions are taken effectively and efficiently with AI smart solution allows for making use of the information collected. Data such as car plate number & face identification through surveillance camera footage, manually this would take forever.

Social media like Facebook, is the big platform embedded with AI is used by millions of users around the world provide the necessary additional information like date of birth, locations, place visited, other users connected and so on can be collected by connecting relevant social media accounts to the data.

Uses cases of Face identification Solutions in Different Industries

Passport and Visas

After the integration of AI in the verification of individuals, the authority can control fraud detection for passports and visas. There are many countries where the Passport office is using the automatic face-recognition software, which is reporting more efficiency in detecting frauds. AI checks the whole database and records of the passport holders that keep the check on the moment of the individuals.


AI is creating another level of security in the banking sector. The user feels more secure now as compared to past as financial institutions like banks and their ATMs are utilizing AI. Bank companies have started using this technology in their customer services also to know more about their preferences. As a result, this has ensured a higher level of security for bank account holders.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies are considered to the first among all the customer services agencies. Deploying facial recognition systems for the identification of criminals is the prime utilization of the AI in the field of law enforcement. Through data analysis, we are able to make sense of the collected data by comparing through Facial recognition.
Therefore, many countries are developing their facial recognition database by integrating AI which will aid the criminal investigations making them swifter and more accurate.

Bottom line

Facial identification is the power tool that should never be used in a way that violates an individual’s rights. It builds or developed for the benefits of the customers that includes the right to privacy, or makes autonomous decisions for specifically required analysis of the individuals. AI technology protects the rights of citizens and enables law enforcement to protect the public’s safety when applied in different solutions such as Face Identification or recognition.

This article is inspired by the detailed write-up on ‘Industries Where You can implement Facial Recognition Technology’ on Quytech blog.

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