9 Practical Tips To Help You Become A S**t-Hot Manager


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Depending on your management style, you’ll have different ways of coaching your teams to drive the performance and results you need to see.

According to recent research, a huge 88% of employees feel they don’t have passion for their work. With numbers skyrocketing like that, you can’t underestimate the importance of being a passionate and inspiring leader to your team. Not sure what management style you fit into yet? Than you’d better download the ‘What Type of Manager Are You’ Guide – Grab it here for free.

Now straight to it – Here’s 9 practical tips on how to become an awesome leader and coach your team to success…

Loose Style Management

If you have a ‘loose’ management style, you’ll more than likely promote a serious learning culture within the work environment, and will be relatively laid-back and flexible when it comes to decision-making. 

Tip 1 –Ban the fluff. Fluffy Marketing is a big no-no. Inspire your team to combine their creativity with an analytical approach when it comes to new ideas. When one of your team has that next big idea, encourage them to forecast their activity and predict their ROI outcomes throughout the whole sales funnel using the ROI Forecasting tool. Not only will you get results, they’ll see the true value in their creative thinking too.

Tip 2 –Mistakes are good. The more mistakes, the better (Well, kind of…)! Encourage Test & Learn initiatives in day-to-day activity as well as challenging the ‘way things are done’. Get each person in your team to try one new thing a week, whether that’s a new meeting agenda, process or reporting tool. By getting your team out of their comfort zone, you’ll get them thinking in new ways and be able to challenge the Status Quo of day-to-day working processes.

Tip 3 –Cultivate a team of Einstein’s. Turn your team into experts in their field by providing them with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. Why not nominate a team member to set up a fortnightly book club or workshop to share new ideas and challenges?

“Committed team members put in 57% more effort on the job, and are 87% less likely to resign”. Self-motivation is essential if you want to build a ‘go get ‘em’ culture.

Democratic Style Management

If you’re a democratic manager, you’ll encourage accountability to motivate your team, but will always have the final decision when it comes to a course of action. Numbers are kind of your thing and your strong mind-set means you know how to delegate well.

Tip 1 – Give your team X-ray goggles. You need to be transparent with your feedback on decisions and ideas. Bringing your team along the journey of ‘why’ a decision is being made means less of their time is being spent trying to understand the outcomes and their accountability.  Become more transparent and your team will become advocates of a decision rather than carriers, which is essential for wider business success.

Tip 2 –Refresher pop quiz. Encourage strategic thinking by holding Q&A strategy refresher sessions every quarter. It’s a great way of keeping the team focused on where you’re going as a business and how they can align their role with the overall strategy – incentivise it with a quiz element and let the games begin!

Tip 3 – The road to success is paved with… more success?! Everyone wants to progress within their role, and keeping your team moving up the career ladder is essential for business growth. Don’t forget the importance of a goal-setting culture if you want to keep those churn rates down within your team.

Provide them with the tools, templates and, most importantly, support they need to keep moving. Get started with this 2015 Guide to Becoming The Ultimate B2B Marketer and watch your team flourish.

“The Most Successful strategies are almost never established from on high in ivory towers anymore…” PWC. Making your business strategy the heart of your work culture is essential and the most critical step in building engagement and a loyal team of followers.

Autocratic Style Management

If you’re more of an Autocratic Manager, it means 3 words. Getting. S**t. Done. You’re all about delegating with force and know what deadlines you need to hit and how.

Tip 1 –Get creative – Sir.  Naturally, you’re not the type to consult others when it comes to making decisions, which can be beneficial when they need to be made – fast. But chances are you’re missing out on creative solutions from your team, which can dampen morale and hurt performance longer term. Don’t forget to encourage and welcome innovation and creativity in your team and you’ll be guaranteed higher engagement when it comes to…getting s**t done. 

Tip 2 – Mirror, Mirror… When the situation is over, remember that getting everyone together to reflect is essential if you want to learn from what didn’t go to plan, and why. Keep it positive, and as informal as possible – (you might need to bite your tongue!)

Tip 3 – Don’t be like that all the time. Remember to be yourself! Autocratic styles will drive performance and work really well in a crisis, but don’t forget that being yourself is what matters most. Your style might be best applied to situations where there is little time for group discussion, but taking a moment to communicate, encourage and listen can make or break your team – and your performance.

Follow these top practical tips and become the ultimate Manager, inspire through action and build a team of kick-ass B2B Marketers.

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” Ronald Reagan

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