7 Creative Ways to Use Push Notifications to Engage Customers


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If you’re looking for an effective way to engage customers, then push notifications should be your go-to strategy. 

While email marketing puts you in direct contact with your customer via email, push notifications have the added advantage of timeliness. Your users only have to be active online to receive a message from you in real-time. 

In fact, many brands are amping up their marketing with push messages. And in this post we’ll look at some creative uses of push content to help you engage customers. 

As you make more impressions, your customers will feel interested in your brand and will be more likely to buy from you. 

Win back abandoned cart orders

Push notifications work well to create cart abandonment campaigns. When users have added a product to their carts, they’ve already shown an interest in buying from you. 

These same users who’ve moved away from the product can be induced to complete their purchase. 

Sending a short message that you’re holding on to their product will remind them to buy from you. And you can even sweeten the deal by doing what the brand Steve Madden did in the picture below: offer them a special discount if they buy right away. 

Create event-based notifications

People respond to personalized messages. It shows that your brand is serious enough to put in extra effort and thereby trustworthy. Your audience will get content that’s actually relevant to them. And they’ll feel drawn to reading your messages. 

One way to personalize your push notifications is to create event-based messages. Major holidays are a great time to send messages with holiday-related discounts and content. 

You can also send push content for different seasons like this cool example below.

With personalized event-based push notifications, you’ll create positive associations with your brand and get better responses from people. And you’ll always have creative new ideas for your push content.

Use a screen overlay

It helps to draw extra attention to your push messages, especially when you’re trying to get visitors to opt-in to your content. A good push notification tool will give you the option to create screen overlays. A screen overlay appears to cover the page that your visitor is on. 

With compelling text and directions, ask visitors to click ‘Allow’ to receive your push content. When you capture your reader’s attention in this way, you’ll be more likely to get more push notification subscribers. 

A screen overlap to opt in to push notifications

Send updates and new arrival announcements

Another way to make your push content more engaging is to use it to inform people about something new in your business. 

Send push notifications for new products, new store openings, and major announcements in your company. 

When you send interesting updates like these, you’ll keep people engaged on your site and give them a reason to keep coming back. 

Add emojis

Emojis aren’t just used in social conversations alone. Businesses, today, have also embraced the practice of adding smiley faces and other emojis to their marketing campaigns. And for good reason!

Your audience will feel like they’re engaged with a real person instead of a faceless corporate entity. And they’ll engage with you as a result. 

Use emojis in your push messages to catch people’s attention. The right pictures can create humor and change the quality of your content, making it sound more friendly and interesting. 

Emojis also interrupt boring lines of text and draw the eye. 

Adding a few friendly emojis can make a great difference to your push campaigns, but you also want to make sure that you don’t over do them. 

Build trust

There’s another critical way you can use push notifications to not only engage your customers but to also build trust in your business. You can use push notifications to create social proof and let people know that other customers are buying from you.

Here are a few examples of ways you can leverage push notifications to convert site visitors into customers:

  • Showcase products that are selling out by linking your push notifications to your inventory. A good push notification tool will trigger this activity so that it automatically shows visitors the right messages when a product is running out
  • The above suggestion also works by creating FOMO or the Fear of Missing Out. When people see that a product is selling fast, they’ll feel inclined to buy it themselves before it disappears
  • Let site visitors know that a person has just bought a product from you. When you let your website user know that Alex from New England bought a pair of shoes a few minutes ago, you’ll create evidence that other people trust your business

Push notifications are great tools to show your customers that they can rely on your business. Think of more creative ways to build trust and social proof and you’ll see an increase in sales.

Ask for reviews

Most people love to express their opinion when they get the chance. A great way to make use of push notifications is to ask returning customers to give their feedback or review on a product. 

Phrase the message in your push content so that it tells users that their review will help you do a better job in the future. Or simply ask them how they felt. 

You can build your push message so that it redirects to another page where users can leave their review or a star rating. 

Making sure that you keep your review form field simple and easy to use. Asking for reviews not only engages your customer after they’ve bought from you, you’ll also build valuable social proof that new visitors will notice. 

A push notification asking for reviews


For businesses, especially those in the eCommerce industry, push notifications are a powerful way to drive sales and engagement.

 I’ve shared several ways you can craft your push messages so that they catch your site user’s eye.

As you’ve gone through the tips mentioned here, it’s likely that you’ve come up with other interesting things to do with a push notification tool. 

Use clever copy, emojis, and the right marketing strategies together with push notifications to make your business grow faster right away. 

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