6 Reasons Why Customers Will Forget You


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6 Reasons Why Customers Will Forget You
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Humanity is a fickle bunch. It seems like we’re in a constant rat race that never ends. There is no doubt you’re in an industry with a lot of competition – much like similar-looking fish in a sea. (I personally can’t tell the difference between trout and bass.)

In fact, I wouldn’t be far off the mark to suggest that many potential customers simply choose a name at random. To fight this, let’s take a look at several ways about how to stand out from the crowd, and ensure that people will not forget you.

1. Why Racing for Rock-Bottom Prices Backfires

With a lot of prospects and potential customers shopping around based on price, it’s hard to position yourself as a professional. (Amongst the many other professional colleagues in your industry.) That is why the stance you must take is to be an authority figure.

Most businesses in the service industry can compete on price alone – but what value do they bring to the table? Ask yourself this: “How can I make a more enjoyable experience for my clients and customers?” Going toe to toe based on price leads to competitors slashing their prices, leading to a quick race to the bottom.

This type of marketing strategy is called “competitive pricing,” and it’s a strategy fit for artists and professionals who don’t care about their quality of services. If your service is top notch, and your service is truly high quality, while you deliver the goods beyond wildest expectations… Price accordingly. Charge premium fees for your premium services.

With a thousand and one people lowering their prices, professionals who charge premium prices stand out from the pack.

2. Your Marketing is Abysmal

Anybody can advertise in the Yellow Pages or their local paper. The world is suffocating with the amount of advertising out there. Marketers who stick to advertising on social media do have an advantage over those who don’t. This is only if your marketing strategy is sound.

Luckily, in this day and age developing a grand-slam marketing strategy is effortless.

3. NOT Having the Nerve to Stick Out Like a Sore Thumb

This is why it is important to do something unusual. Unusual ads and people stand out. Professional comedians who tell the truth (Lenny Bruce, Groucho Marx, Carlin, Hicks, etc.) stand out and are remembered for years. What could be more unusual, this day and age, than telling the truth and making people laugh over it? (The key to this is capturing those moments and intimate poses are in pictures)

People remember philanthropists – especially the organizations and non-profits who benefited from your generous donation. At one of the major hospitals in my town, several wings were donated by several multi-million dollar companies. The hospital built plaques in their honor. (Do you know how hard it is to be forgotten when your name is etched in metal?)

4. What’s Unique about You?

Being memorable requires one key ingredient: Being Able To Stick Out From The Crowd

Before Wendy’s slammed everybody, who asked for it on social media, and even other fast food chains… when was the last time you stepped into a Wendy’s restaurant? Probably a long time ago, right?

When Wendy’s began flaming everybody under the sun, I made it a point to stop in at Wendy’s at least once a week. The marketing team was full of geniuses for taking the social media world by storm.

We’re not suggesting you start insulting people. Far from that. The point here is that sticking out from the crowd is paramount towards success. Part of this reason is because a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs don’t know how to develop unique selling propositions (USP).

An effective USP works simply BECAUSE it “alienates” everyone who isn’t a part of the target market. USPs do exactly that: position your business in the spotlight of people you know for certain will buy your services. This is essential for people with artistic backgrounds as they need to make strong USPs eliminate a lot of the guess-work of customers’ purchases and continual “Who will buy from me?” questions.

Another way to stand out from the crowd is to offer contrarian opinions. Anybody can easily agree with a popular and flat opinion. Offering a contrarian statement/opinion perks people’s ears up.

For example, everybody knows Hitler was a horrible man; however, he knew how to masterfully persuade people. You could say Hitler was a persuasive genius.

A statement like that is bound to shake things up and turn heads.

5. The Hidden Benefits of Discounts

Offering discounts have many advantages, such as showing current, paying customers that you appreciate them. Offering discounts have just as many disadvantages, as well, such as new traffic and visitors who think your discounts are the actual asking price for your services.

Customers do not deserve to ask for discounts – as they are not appreciating the work you do. Therefore, discounts are a savvy marketing/branding tool for loyal customers.

Discounts are great resources for showing faithful clients that you appreciate them. This, in turn, will increase the likelihood that they’ll do business again with you, boosting your bottom-line income. Therefore, offer discounts to customers who pay in full, on time; you have a solid relationship with, or they’ve given you an ample number of referrals.

This works hand-in-hand with excellent customer service. People enjoy dealing with businesses who treat them as people and provide them a guide for their problems, not paychecks or a source of income. In this day and age, when almost everything is automated and “filled with robots”… a little human interaction on the phone goes a long way towards ensuring your customer base remembers you and continues doing business with you.

6. The Importance of Remembering Customers

Do you remember the last time a corporation/company got your name wrong or mispronounced it? I’ve had more than my fair share of businesses (both front service desk workers and customer service representatives) forgetting my name.  It made me feel unvalued as a paying customer. I thought twice or two about seeking out other places to get my services done.

Forgetting names is a sure-fire way to run your customers away. Leaving you to be nothing more than dust in the wind. Several methods of remembering people’s’ names include:

  • Repeat their names aloud and in your head. “Thank you, Mr. Johnson. May I call you Robert? Thanks, Robert. Here’s the deal…”
  • Tell yourself that you are excellent at remembering names. Being positive about yourself boosts confidence. Repeating positive affirmations also solidifies those affirmations in your subconscious.
  • Exaggerate sounds in your head by drawing the name out. (“Hello, Joooooohhhhn.”)

Remembering names is a great way to make people feel valued, and will remember you in the future.


Armed with these strategic tips, it’s time to go out there and make yourself known – and most importantly – remembered, for the sake of your business and to ensure satisfied repeat customers. Because customers are people, and as people, we tend to remember individuals who treat us as individuals and make us feel special.


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