15 Free Tools for SMEs and Startups to Help in Digital Marketing [Infographic]


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Let’s be honest, small to medium businesses have a tight budget but they are traditionally competing with big giants with massive wallets.
One way small and medium enterprises can get a level ahead of their big counterparts is to go digital, i.e. look for consumers in the digital space by utilizing search engines, social media and content to good effect.

That’s a great tip but doesn’t that cost an arm and a leg, you may ask. Not really, to start off with you can use free digital marketing tools that will get you in the game. You can use these tools to spy on your competitors or get a better understanding of your target market. For example, you can use Google tools such Keyword planner and Analytics to see where you are currently getting your traffic from and what keywords will get you more of that traffic.

From a search engine optimization or SEO perspective, you can use SEMrush to spy on your competitors or improve your SEO game plan.
Images are one of the best ways to attract an online prospect and a free image editing and manipulating tool like Canva is a must.
When it comes to digital marketing social media is something you cannot ignore but it can be very time consuming unless you are using a tool to manage all your accounts and posts from one place like Hootsuite.

To get additional traffic and to build your brand’s authority online you need to use sites like Slideshare which are underused.
This infographic will save time and money by showing you which free digital marketing tools to arm yourself with. Take these tools for a test drive; some are free for life, some offer basic features on their free account and some are freemium tools.

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Most startups and small to medium enterprises are aware of the need for digital marketing to strengthen their online presence. Some believe the cost of digital marketing is so huge that it is not worth the investment. This is far from the truth.

Here are 15 of the best free digital marketing tools in an infographic to help you gain on your competitors. Some tools offer basic features on a free account whereas others are free forever. You may have to pay for advanced features. Hopefully, this list of free digital marketing tools will allow you to save time and money when getting started.

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