Why There Is A Need To Keep E-Mail Marketing In Mind During Android App Development


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E-mail marketing has been identified as the best and safest business model because it helps you to generate more customers when you have an e-mail list. Effective e-mail marketing creates a higher conversion rate from the potential customers on your e-mail list.

Thanks to top app development companies in India, android app development has made businesses much easier and more convenient to run because all the resources required for the successful operation of a business are embedded in mobile apps. This makes mobile app an important tool in internet and e-mail marketing. Bear in mind that most e-mail owners assess their e-mails on their mobile devices because a mobile device is more compact, portable and convenient.

Below are some of the reasons why android apps are necessary for effective e-mail marketing:

Mobile apps are faster

With mobile apps installed on your device, it is faster and quicker for you to execute businesses by just tapping the app on your device and choosing desired options and features. Well-developed android apps prevent you from wasting time associated with websites being fetched from the web servers. This process alone can take a few seconds and it can be frustrating to a potential customer. However, this time can be saved with android mobile apps, thus, making the purpose of e-mail marketing achievable.

Increase in sales

Statistics have shown that mobile app development have generally increased sales by a huge forty percent on average. Some companies have even recorded a whooping sales increase of about sixty (60) percent with the development of their own mobile apps. It is easier to place orders when your mobile app has been installed on your customers or subscribers’ devices.

Again, according to statistics, about one hundred and fifty (150) billion e-mails are sent every day. This is a great indication of how businesses can enjoy sales conversion with effective e-mail marketing. E-mail is always growing and it is believed that there are about five (5) billion active e-mail addresses worldwide. Over ninety (90) percent of these are owned by adults. Taking all these statistics into consideration, it has been discovered that the role of android development in e-mail marketing is very invaluable because e-mail marketing has been made more effective thanks to mobile apps developed by innovative Indian app developers.

Productivity improvement

With increased sales comes productivity improvement. When your product is in high demand, there is a need for you to increase your productivity, and this in turn increases your rate of return and turnover.

So, for you to improve your productivity, it is recommended that you hire one of the reputable Indian app developers to help you develop a mobile app that is specific to your business. With your unique mobile app, you will be in complete control of your business through your e-mail list. And as you already know, your e-mail list is your traffic source and no one can control it except you.

Increased communication

Another very good advantage of mobile apps is that it increases communications between you and your customers. By sharing the same resources and place to order, giving replies to comments and feedback and even educating customers about your products, you are building effective communication among all parties. However, if you are yet to develop your own mobile app then you should consider contacting Indian app developers to help you develop a mobile app that has all those features mentioned and more. These app developers have been known to develop simple and easy-to-use mobile apps which are encouraging to prospective customers.

Moreover, your mobile app will make it possible for you to seamlessly connect and interact more directly with your customers, thereby boosting the relationship between you and your customers.

In addition to building a close relationship with your customers, you can equally get a lot of information about your customers, such as demographics and geographical locations.

The bottom line is that a mobile app enables you to build a great customer relationship by marketing more directly to your customers which is a huge advantage to your business.

Customer creation

Based on the statistics discussed earlier, it has been discovered that e-mail marketing is forty (40) times more effective at creating new customers than social media. Hence, for every one dollar spent for e-mail marketing, you earn an average of forty dollars or an average of forty dollars is generated. And since customers are the livewires of a business, any amount spent to market your products directly to them is an investment which is projected to earn you about forty times the return on investment.

Also, the huge number of people who use e-mails have played a significant role in making the purpose of e-mail marketing to be possible.

Building of recognized brand

Another reason why you need a mobile app specifically developed for your business is that it can help you to build a recognized brand. With a company logo, you have your recognized brand and identity. Indian app developers can help you to develop an app with your recognized identity along with interesting features.

Your mobile app can set you apart from the crowd. So many competitors are still expected to spring up, and by the time most of them do, you would have gained most of the market share because of your brand recognition and large customer base. What this implies is that if you develop your own mobile app now, in the near future you will be classified as one of the top companies in the industry. For this reason, you are advised to take action now.

A well-developed mobile app can keep your end-users glued to their phone. This way, you are able to enjoy the effective frequency of advertising.

Besides, new businesses are not the only ones that can benefit from this service, existing businesses too can through rebranding.

Conclusively, Indian app developers are highly experienced at developing mobile apps and they know exactly how end users think and/or what they want. This way, they are able to develop specific and unique user-friendly mobile apps that will aid e-mail marketing, and which is supported by all devices running on the android operating system.


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