Why Enterprises are Using AI for Cybersecurity at Large Scale


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AI for Cyber Security


With the ever-increasing number of various cyber attackers as well as their exploits continues to increase, it is vital to hire an expert team to combat these different cyber threats which still remain a big challenge. Even though the budget, as well as the access to the best training infrastructure, might have made a significant impact to this particular issue, the major concern is that the companies are still quite reliant on various outdated security measures. Most of the companies are actually looking forward to different mobile app development services that can provide them with advanced security measures for their apps.

Cyber attackers are now consistently using different and innovative attack methods like bots along with automated tools as among their primary and main attack methods, which makes it quite impossible for these various outdated security solutions like various legacy antivirus actually to keep up.

During the cusp of the last year, some of the biggest as well as a most advanced level of cyberattacks of today, and different cyber attackers have actually come out with innovative ransomware attacks like NotPetya as well as WannaCry which made headlines across the world. Even though it isn’t certain as to when the next bigger as well as targeted large scale attack will actually hit, one particular thing actually remains quite certain that various traditional approaches and solutions which have worked before will not be capable enough to fend off that attack.

Examining Past to Plan the Future

Since 2016, the memory attacks have actually doubled, and if this particular trend keeps on continuing, then the value of antivirus will certainly be in doubt. Various threats like fileless malware attacks can’t be actually caught by their inherent signatures (that are file-based), that actually means that a particular network which is guarded by any traditional antivirus system will be vulnerable to different attacks. Enterprise network solutions were among the ones who were affected the most.

Along with these ever-increasing memory-based attacks, cyber attackers have even expanded their own knowledge to use automation in order to amplify their various efforts. Different cybersecurity experts were actually quite surprised by the overall scale as well as the virulence of the famous WannaCry attack that affected over 200,000 machines in just a few hours. Simply put, various IT, as well as security professionals with their various outdated security software, weren’t actually capable enough to keep up with this huge scale of persistent and intense attacks.

Along with this, a plethora of various false positive actually caused many teams of security experts to eventually drown in different alerts that actually made it quite hard to even prioritize or respond in a much efficient and timely manner. Due to this, different threats were actually missed in their entirety. Even if the experts catch wind of any particular attack, they weren’t efficient enough to manually handle the security problem at this scale.

What Next?

Now that we have explored the extent of threats out there, we have to prepare robust systems which can be capable of protecting the enterprise mobility solutions as well as other assets against these next levels of cyberthreats. Various new technologies which have actually matured over the past few years can actually be quite revolutionary in further strengthening the entire security as well as accelerating businesses. Among those, machine learning, along with artificial intelligence is the front runners. According to recent studies conducted by McKinsey Global Institute, it is estimated that automation driven by various technologies like AI as well as machine learning can actually increase the overall productivity significantly.

However, these particular technologies have to use in the right fashion in order to leverage their entire strength as well as overcome the inherent adoption challenges. Some of the things which have to be kept in consideration are:

1) Ensuring the correct visibility as well as protection

We have to ensure that the visibility as well as protection at best and correct level along with the right type. Nearly all types of attacks start mostly at the endpoint, and most important and critical data actually resides in the entire data center or on the cloud. It is necessary to ensure that these different edges have better visibility as well as protection. This also means that you aren’t just looking at just one, but many files at running applications as well as fileless threats, which might not even leave a footprint.

This also even means that these particular edges have to be autonomous in their entire security workflow in order to reduce the overall protection latency and even to support various local threats especially when you don’t have any cloud support or any regulatory compliance when sending your own data outside the predefined system perimeters is actually prohibited. An artificial intelligence development company can certainly help you out in developing such as security solution.

2) Simplicity is the Key

When it comes to ultimate sophistication, it is simplicity. Any type of complexity can easily create barriers and actually cost more time as well as money and even reduce security. In order to ensure that your company is well-equipped with the best tools in order to prevent, detect and even respond as well as investigate will certainly allow for much more seamless operational workflows and even increase the overall productivity. If you are a mobile app development company, then hire an app developer who can ensure that security, as well as simplicity, are well-maintained.


Hackers are continuously finding ways to beat companies at every single stage as they have got the knowledge of some of the most commonly used security systems like AV and IDS and found the flaws and they are now capable of how to actually evade them.

The overall increasing commercial value of the entire digital economy is just creating more incentives for these attackers to change their attack structure and innovate different strategies. These attackers are clearly beating the companies using obfuscation, polymorphism as well as targeted attacks in order to easily evade security teams which are already overloaded.

As companies have to invest in hiring more security teams to manage detection as well as response post-breach manually, that actually takes a lot of time as well as resources. In such a scenario, new technologies like Artificial Intelligence provide much-needed solutions that can quickly respond to the attacks and provide overall security. That’s why enterprises are heavily investing in these solutions and hire any artificial intelligence development company for using AI for cybersecurity at a much larger scale.

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Mobile and Web Development Company. With 10+ years of experience of enabling then Startups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. He is known for his visionary qualities and adaptability for technology and trends, passionate as he is in every aspect dedicated to making IT simple, accessible and approachable for business enterprises.


  1. Great job, Tarun…
    Thanks for pointing out the implications of AI to deal with cybersecurity threats.
    The fact is that criminals are developing different types of programs to penetrate the security system with the help of the hidden vulnerabilities associated with it.
    However, with the help of AI, we could develop more effective security measures to prevent any major data breach.


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