Top 10 Powerful Strategies to Boost Sales and Lead Generation


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A Hubspot report found that over 60% of marketers consider lead generation as their numero uno challenge. And, more than 50% of marketers spend almost half of their overall budget on lead generation.

The world is moving at a faster pace than before. While the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the normal business flow, companies are coming up with unique strategies to profit from the new normal.

However, lead generation for boosting sales is not the same as before. In 2021, with the help of the latest innovations like AI and conversational marketing, digital marketers are redefining the way companies approach the subject of lead generation.

Since the markets are fast-moving towards AI, the strategies are focussing more on tools that empower businesses towards automation. Let us now move into the top 10 time-tested strategies to boost sales through organic lead generation.

The Top-10 Dominant Tactics to Enhance Sales and Lead Generation

The following are the ten best strategies to guarantee organic lead generation and augmenting sales:

1. Develop a Functional Email Marketing Plan

A formidable email marketing plan allows you to offer personalized content to your customers, engage them, and create an ever-lasting business relationship with them. Customers need value from every email they receive, and understanding the customers’ needs is paramount for creating a functional email campaign.

So, how can we integrate AI with email marketing?

The customer’s email is usually the primary mode of contact with the business. When they land on the business’s website through an email, an AI-driven chatbot can identify those customers via their email ID and communicate accordingly with them, such as reminding them about existing plans and offers and suggesting similar plans to cater to customers’ needs. This strategy may also improve your email opening rate.

There are five ways by which you can integrate email marketing with a chatbot strategy:
Gather email address

  • Develop segmented mailing lists of your customers
  • Follow-up with potential chat leads
  • Improve your customer service
  • Offer a conversational channel preference.

Some prominent examples and trends of email marketing strategy are:

  • Interactive emails edge over static emails, as interactive emails contain tools by which your customers will respond to your offers. This form of conversational marketing is very effective.
  • Welcome emails can lure your customers and AI chatbots and will redirect customers to your main page.

2. Make Ample Utilization of Social Media Marketing

With billions of social media users, it becomes a vital platform to market your product. Many brands promote their products on social media, which has led to a flood of supply content. In such a scenario, interactive videos, insightful status updates can engage customers.

How can chatbot fuel your social media marketing?

  • Greeting customers when they land on a brand’s social media page.
  • Initiating conversation with a clear prospect.
  • It can answer FAQs, make bookings, and resolve issues.
  • Chatbots and live chats can help you interact with your customers while running your ads on a social media platform.

Some examples of chatbot use in social media marketing are:

  • Improves lead generation as it won’t leave any customers unattended.
  • Enhanced AI-based conversational marketing ensures that they understand the emotions of the customer and provide relevant solutions and suggestions.
  • Provides real-time support 24×7.
  • Chatbots will navigate the customers in the correct path from the social media page to the website.
    It will also enhance your remarketing strategies with your existing customers.

3. Develop a Click-Worthy Website For Your Brand

An easy-to-navigate website will give your customers a soothing experience. Multiple studies show that customers choose not to return to a website if they have a bad experience. Many customers judge the brand’s credibility by the website design.

Website navigation is like a roadmap that guides your users towards the correct destination.

Website navigation design can be of three types:

  • Hierarchical: It is built from general to a specific mode.
  • Global: It includes only the prime-level pages of the website.
  • Local: It includes the links of information within the context of the webpage.

AI Chatbots and live chats will ask questions to users visiting the webpage. The conversational AI-based system will gauge the customer’s requirement, provide a customized solution and redirect them to the genuine webpage within the website. Therefore, the user won’t be left wandering through the pages.

What are the different types of website navigation?

  • Sitemaps and links to all pages of the website.
  • Simplified website navigation bars.
  • Dropdown menu bar to all links of the website.
  • Sidebar to access all links.
  • Website footer navigation bar.

4. SMS Marketing is the New Trend

Studies have shown that many people nowadays prefer text messages over emails, and they are more likely to be read. Text messaging marketing is becoming a popular form of conversational marketing.

How does SMS marketing work?

Once you enable an SMS bot on your webpage and the customer logs in your page through phone, the SMS bot asks questions and gathers required information, thereby turning them into a potential client.

Here are ideas for lead generation through SMS marketing:

  • Discount and offer alerts.
  • Wish list reminder.
  • Include your profile URL.
  • Brand-specific polls and surveys.

Here are few new-age practices of SMS marketing:

  • Promote your number through social media and other online forums so that users reach out to you.
  • Be precise in SMS communication and furnish legitimate information.
  • Send personalized messages to clients as each customer will have unique needs.
  • Integrate automated AI-based solutions to SMS bots.
  • Target the right people at the right time by identifying their requirements.

5. Scale-up Organic Content Efforts

AI Chatbots and content marketing can work together well and be fruitful. If you know your user and their requirements, chatbots can reach out to your users in a targeted way and cut through unnecessary content. For example, if your target user constantly asks similar questions, you can let chatbots and live chats handle it.

Here are few benefits of chatbots for small businesses and established businesses:

  • Chatbots can reach a larger audience via online platforms and apps.
  • Chatbots can process a larger volume of information.
  • Chatbots can scrub data about repetitive questions through specific keywords.

Some popular examples of popular chatbots are:

  • Uber chatbots have now integrated them with the Facebook messenger that allows customers to book a cab through Facebook.
  • Emirates website has a chatbot for users to discuss their trip plans and make bookings.

6. Design and Develop Gated Content

For inbound marketing to be useful, you need to create high-value content and use that to lure your users. However, you cannot give away all information at once, and you need to gather certain user information before you furnish your details.

Here comes the concept of gated content. You will provide information only after the user furnishes their information, like email address, phone number, etc.

Gated content enhances lead generation. Here are few examples of gated content methods:

  • Content Upgrades: It will allow users to upgrade their existing features only after they furnish their details.
  • Webinars: It will provide a good medium of interactive sessions about products your customers are willing to purchase. The registration process into these webinars is an example of a gated content strategy.
  • Online Demo: Once the user registers or subscribes to your webpage, they can have access to all demos and sessions about your product, and in return, you will have their details.

Online platforms like Appboy, Oracle, Pardot, and Infusionsoft require the users to fill in their details like name, email address, phone numbers, etc., to view their content.

7. Organize Free Virtual Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the increase of virtual events like webinars and other forms of interactive sessions. People can now sit at home and have access to your marketing programs. An effective virtual session can generate a lot of leads that can boost your sales strategy.

Here are few pros of virtual events:

  • Virtual events have a massive reach, and you can present your content to every corner of this world.
  • Virtual sessions explain your product to all at one time, thereby reducing your sales cycle span.
  • Virtual events deliver information through an interactive medium. It generates leads at a faster rate.
  • It allows you to track your leads with sufficient data. You will have the exact amount of attendees, their details, and their requirements. You can track them and follow up with them to turn them into potential clients.

Market leaders like Adobe, Airtable, Cloudinary, etc., organize webinars that have proven to be effective. The typical trend is that they mention the content of these webinars and the guest speaker’s name to attract genuine users.

8. Offer a Free Trial

Offering a free trial makes people notice your brand and product features. People are never apprehensive of trying out something new when there is no additional cost.

Free Trial gives you the freedom to integrate all the features in your website and check for your requirements. Once you use the free trial, you can suggest alterations and customize the features as per your need.

From a brand’s perspective, it gives a technique to touch base with your product, understand its benefits, and opens the door for subsequent conversations.

Even unwilling customers can turn into potential leads once they use your free trial.

You can try out companies that offer a free trial to integrate chatbots and live chats into your business. If you find that it has increased your lead generation and is cost-effective, you should consider purchasing it.

However, along with a free trial, a follow-up process is essential to remind the users that once they buy the full version of this product, it can benefit their sales revenue.

WotNot, a No-Code chatbot platform trusted by over 3000 businesses, offers a 14-days free trial of the software to create chatbots for businesses to generate more leads and automate customer interactions.

9. Remarket to Bring Back Lost Leads

As a user, you often got ads based on your browsing data on YouTube, Google, and Facebook. It is a remarketing strategy. Once a user visits your website, they get tracked later on based on a unique tracking ID. A chatbot and live chat feature on your webpage can also do the same. They will acquire the required data and then track their other web activities to plug in your company advertisements.

Listed below are few remarketing strategies:

  • Develop remarketing lists for every step of your marketing process.
  • Create remarketing lists for your email subscribers to bring them back.
  • Reach out to lookalike audiences.
  • Capitalize on email sign-ups with multi-stage registration online forms.

Organizations like Otty’s and Cloudshare used social media platforms like LinkedIn to remarket their products to previous site visitors.

10. Use a No-Code Chatbot That’s Cost-Effective and Insanely Powerful

Chatbots for business is essential in lead generation. They engage with the incoming online traffic, probe them about their requirements, and strike a conversation with them. In a way, they qualify the potential leads so that the sales team only deals with genuine clients.

Conversational AI tools like chatbots and live chats have the following advantages:

  • Can turn users into leads in no time.
  • Balance email communication.
  • Enrich the B2B user experience.
  • Can retain customers to a larger extent.
  • Chatbots are multilingual, cost-effective, and provide 24×7 assistance.
  • Can understand human emotions and can gauge the target audience better.
  • Can replace conventional and tedious forms with easy lead-generating bots.

In a nutshell, a powerful chatbot or live chat will probe users visiting your page and qualify them as essential leads. You can acquire more qualified leads.


Interactive AI Chatbots are more effective for a conventional interface. It functions all time of the day without any human intervention. High-powered chatbots can even resolve complex queries, so there is no human monitoring.

Chatbots keep the log of conversations with users; thereby, a trend is created for future communications. Conversational AI is adaptive in nature and tends to improve with daily experiences.

Chatbots offers the following advantages to small and big businesses:

  • They provide real-time assistance 24×7.
  • They increase customer engagement.
  • A cost-effective method as it reduces human intervention.
  • Chatbots can have a simultaneous conversion with multiple clients, thereby reducing wait times.

The dedicated team of WotNot has worked with businesses across all verticals to deploy lead-generating chatbots. WotNot provides simple, cost-effective, customized, and multilingual bots for your business. Try us out to gain a benefit in your business.


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