Study Reveals Brands Are Struggling To Increase Customer Loyalty


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Tech-Connected Consumers Have Limited Tolerance For Brands Not Delivering Relevant and Meaningful Experiences

July 7th, 2016, Napa California: VeraCentra, a leading customer relationship agency, published the findings of a recent study: “Fulfilling the Relevancy Promise: How People, Process and Technology Strategies Impact Customer Loyalty”. The May 2016 commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of VeraCentra, was designed to better understand how consumer brand marketers are investing in new and different strategies to engage today’s customers with greater relevancy and ultimately win their loyalty. The study was conducted among marketing decision makers in the US, in companies generating between $300 million and $5 billion in annual revenue.

The study reveals that marketers are prioritizing their efforts around customer loyalty with 78% of marketers stating their priorities are influenced by always-connected customers and 81% stating they are seeking to address decreased customer loyalty.

Connie Hill, VeraCentra’s President and Founder noted, “The survey validates that empowered customers have pushed B2C marketers to reshape their organization’s priorities. But we wanted to dig deeper and truly understand the challenges marketers face as well as understand what strategies they are employing in the battle to improve customer loyalty.”

A major finding of the study shows that despite best efforts, brands and their marketing departments continue to be challenged in three key areas:

• Generating customer insights from the vast amounts of data which marketers rely on to design relevant experiences for their customers.

• Increasing marketing operational efficiencies to support personalized and individualized customer communication distribution across multiple devices and channels.

• Moving from basic loyalty reward programs to more advanced and holistic strategies that engage customers throughout their entire lifecycle.

The study also revealed that some brands are getting it right. Those in this study who stated that their people, process, and technology strategies are either mostly or fully coordinated with each other are 31% more likely to witness a high impact on their overall engagement and retention goals.

The full study, “Fulfilling The Relevancy Promise: How People, Process and Technology Strategies Impact Customer Loyalty”, is available to download at VeraCentra’s web site:

About VeraCentra:

VeraCentra is a customer-relationship marketing agency helping brands transform their marketing organizations by placing their customers central to their marketing efforts. Using their data driven strategies and technology, VeraCentra’s clients can now deliver personalized customer experiences and are being rewarded with more customer loyalty. By combining analytical, creative and technical services, each client receives a tailored solution – marrying customer insight with the delivery of meaningful customer communications.

At the core of VeraCentra’s work is a closed-loop framework, allowing clients to integrate their unique business rules into a cross channel ecosystem; performing automated and hyper-personalized customer messages across multiple devices, throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Since 1988, VeraCentra’s approach to customer marketing has proven to deliver continuous and sustainable value. VeraCentra enjoys client partnerships with some of the world’s most admired brands, with several relationships spanning over a decade. Learn more at



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