NFC Is Transforming The Payment System On The iOS Market


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Carrying out daily activities is a lot easier and faster thanks to technological advancements. Developers have started to incorporate these technologies into mobile apps. A new technology known as Wireless Sensor Network enables end users to carry out all sorts of entertainment and business activities on their mobile devices.

Interestingly, with such technology, end users can conveniently carry out transactions and make payments on their mobile phones. The growth of the Near Field Communication (NFC) is responsible for Wireless Sensor Network facility.

It is therefore not surprising that the market for smartphones that imbibe NFC is also quickly and steadily growing.

NFC growing in leaps and bounds

Being a wireless communication technology, the Near Field Communication enables users to exchange data between mobile devices, using RFID readers and beacons, no matter how far apart they are from each other. NFC is a low-cost and little energy communication technology that allows users can carry out hassle-free transactions.


It focuses on customized communication by fostering secured intricate exchange of data between the two users without intrusion.

Retailers find the NFC very useful because it enables them to optimize the in-store experience to cope with fierce competition. The two factors that shape the shopping preference of consumers are time and convenience. They opt to go to retail stores because they do not want to wait for their orders to arrive at their homes and at sometimes prefer buying online because of the easy and convenient shopping experience.

Irrespective of their preference at a particular time, their main concern is to conclude the process of purchasing a product with easy.

NFC leverages on electromagnetic radiations to transmit data between two devices, i.e. beacons or RFID tags and assists users performing transactions with ease.

Even though markets in Asia, Europe and the United States of America have started using NFC to improve the payment experience, there is still room for more people around the world to embrace this amazing technology.

NFC in iOS mobile apps

This year, Apple announced that with its iOS 11, iPhone users would be able to fully take advantage of the NFC technology on their mobile devices just like Android users.

What this implies is that there would be a fundamental change in the way we interact with physical items and their digital counterparts. In the past, NFC had been very successful in vertical markets such as security, gaming and closed event systems and asset tracking and now, with an NFC reader in their pocket, people will be able to interact with NFC tags.

Thus, NFC is now like the WiFi, Bluetooth, (though faster) Camera and other horizontal technology.

The Near Field Communication technology, has resulted in a tremendous increase in marketing, labeling and branding for smart products , gaming, authentication and much more.

The luxuriant growth of NFC infrastructure has resulted in the exponential expansion in the scope of mobile payment. These payment systems are based on highly intuitive User Interface, and they provide a highly satisfying end-user experience.

This type of payment system rides on the wings of other innovative elements and several business prototypes to grow.

More so, by simply installing the concerned mobile apps on their iPhones, end users will be able to make contactless payments.

There are many available applications with which users can make contactless payments. One of such is ‘Boon.’ To get started, you would need to download the application, register on it and you are ready to go carry out as many transactions as you want in a short while. Boon helps users track their spending by providing them with a transparently clear picture of all their transactions and payments.

What other tasks can NFC tags perform?

You can program NFC tags to perform the following functions:

• Bluetooth and WiFi Settings, GPS on/Off, auto-sync.

• They can adjust Display options i.e., auto rotation, brightness, etc.

• Email and SMS Messaging.

• Adjustments to Multimedia ( Start, pause, move, etc.).

• They can create Events and calendar timestamps.

• They can assist you to make phone calls.

• They can activate lock screen, as a security measure.

• They help you set alarms and timers.

• Sound control: profile adjustments, ringtone setting, volumes, notification tones and much more.

• Social Media Management.

Advantages of integrating NFC into iOS mobile apps

1. NFC gives augmented shopping experience to customers. Zaptap for example effectively utilizes NFC technology. It connects customers to a web page that features product/service information.

2. With NFC, customer service is improved. Customers do not need to make payments at the stores. Just a tap on your iPhone or other iOS devices , solves problems with the speed of light.

3. NFC is an added security to your wallet. In the event of your iPhone being stolen, there is a two-step authentication method that prevents you from being defrauded.

4. It eases up the payment process of your purchases.

5. NFC reduces operational cost. As an alternate payment processing system, it saves money and reduces human resources deployment.

Enticing opportunities NFC provides for a Mobile development Company

1. Users will be accurately check-in to local establishments. Thus, mobile app development companies would be able to provide coupons and also be certain that visitors have entered their store. The user will be able to make purchases with his redeemed coupons from this NFC-enabled mobile devices.

2. When a mobile app development company NYC uses NFC technology to make apps for Restaurants, the results are mind-blowing. With NFC, restaurants can provide checkout services that allow many people purchase and add tips after a meal. Thus speeding up the process for the patrons, waiters, and waitresses.

3. Travel and Mass Transit can also leverage on NFC; to enhance Passenger and Baggage check-in, for boarding and efficient Luggage recovery. If for example, your luggage got missing, you can use a kiosk to locate it, instead of queuing up to speak to an attendant.

4. Vending machines operators can also use NFC. With it, you can tap your phone and also buy soda.


Through NFC contactless payment systems, retail stores can securely keep their card information on their phones and carry out the transaction and make payments with their mobile phones with a few clicks, or around the NFC reader.

In spite of the amazing opportunities, NFC offers users, in areas like e-money, e-commerce, software protection, online ticketing, identity cards, etc., People around the world are not embracing this technology as they should.

Apple’s decision to jump on the bandwagon is a very welcome development. Thus, this is a good time for any Mobile app development company interested in this technology to hire Indian app developers for your NFC-enabled iOS apps.


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