How To Design An App User Interface in 2022?


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When an entrepreneur thinks about building an app? What’s their aim? To deliver fascinating results to their customers & get the most out of the app development services. Other than integrating interacting features, the one thing that holds very much importance is the UI that is the User Interface of any app. How to design an app with an outstanding UI and attract the customers’ attention from the significantly go? Yes, an app matching the current UI trends along with some very great features.

Let’s get the ball rolling and prepare ourselves to know more about the UI trends of 2022 that will help design a great mobile app.

First things first.

What is UI?

UI is the look and the feel of an app & an essential element in mobile app design. User Interface is the graphical illustration of an app. It consists of CTAs, click-throughs, buttons, images, sliders, and everything else that users use to interact with the app. Not to forget, UI is a catalyst in prompting users to use the app and thus is a critical part of any app or web.

The User Interface contains every single microcosm that helps users interact with the app. It can be in screen layouts, animations, screen transitions, or any other visual elements present in the app. It is the work of developers to develop an app, and it is the work of a UI designer to design the app. A UI designer is the one who decides which elements to put in to make the apps interactive, interesting & visually appealing. Not only that, it’s the job of a UI designer to make sure that the app is in sync, both aesthetically and according to the requirements of the client. And more importantly, the UI designer has to make sure that User Interface is based on the market’s current UI trends and is unitedly associated with that.

Significance of UI Trends & How to Design An App That is On Par with the Latest UI Trends

Apps that garner the attention of the users are the ones that stand out from the crowd. That’s why it is crucial to keep up with the latest UI trends to pioneer your UI game and stay ahead of your competitors.

Every day more than 96,000 apps are released on the App Stores. Only those excellent, aesthetically pleasing, and more interactive apps are the ones that gain user’s attention. And to gain that attention from the users, an app with powerful & latest UI is needed. Thus, to design an app according to the latest trends, it’s essential to have deep knowledge. Additionally, it’s mandatory to reflect on whether the latest trends will go with the existing UI. A trend that is unfit based on the current UI should, at all costs, be avoided.

A UI designer must only include trends that are par with the app’s requirements. It should be known that a trend unfit to the app can have disastrous consequences. The try & test approach works the best here, as it helps in knowing what works best for the app. Moreover, a designer’s creative eye is the first requirement to design an app with the latest trends.

Now that we know the significance & the basics of how to design an app with the latest trends… it’s time we move about and look into how to design an app user interface in 2022.

How To Design An App User Interface in 2022?

If you are someone that believes in forever, then we’re SORRY 🙁

Forever is not applicable when it comes to designs!

Design concepts are now based on the latest UI trends. And trends change quickly!

  • Animation based Illustrations in Icons & Images
  • Animation is topping the game when it comes to mobile app UI. In 2021, it was about beautiful illustrations now, and the focus has shifted to animation-based illustrations.

    Animations are known to touch the inner child as animations are closely related to cartoons. Thus, when it comes to how to design an app in 2022, animations should be closely adopted in the UI. For example, the flash icons should be made animated to interest the users more.

    The animation trend is not only related to illustrations but is even trending on app icons. SVG & JSON animations can be adopted here, which can be generated with the help of code. Moreover, microtrends or micro-animations are also popular UI trends that can be adopted in 2022.

  • Turning on the Dark Mode
  • The dark mode has become the talk of the town these days. At first dark mode was only integrated into apps that were meant to be used at the night. But now, the dark mode has become a rage among the millennials. However, the dark mode is in the evolution phase right now.

    Earlier, the dark mode was switchable and could be used according to the user’s wish. But now, the dark way has become a tool for brands to explore various contrast of colors. Top brands like Apple, Youtube, Facebook, etc., have integrated dark backgrounds on their websites, making users focus on their products.

    Adopting dark themes in UI will prove to be useful as it allows color highlighting. And even the content can be perceived in low brightness as well. Moreover, it makes the app stand out from other white background apps.

  • Use of Real Photos
  • If you want to know what we mean by using real photos, then head on to Apple’s websites, and you will get an actual example. Using real photos illustrations is a top trend that will rule the charts in 2022.

    It is widely known that using actual photo illustrations attracts a user and even makes the ‘brain’ jump into a different sense of imagination and the product—for example, a car. Even the real illustrations can also be combined with an Augmented Reality Version which allows the user to check the product. For instance, how Apple used Augmented Reality with Apple watches. Thus, if looking to dive into the app market, this trend will perfect nail your app.

  • Illustration of a Person based on Culture
  • A trend that is gaining popularity all over is – illustrations based on culture. Till today, there was an option of only selecting a person’s identity through male or female. But to add more customization to a user’s identity, brands are going with illustrations of a person based on cultures.

    Thus, if you’re looking to develop a social media app, then an illustration based on culture will also prove to be a great way! Civilizations-based graphics give users a sense of familiarity, and thus that can work in your favor. You can also make use of distinctive identities for added fun, but that’s optional.

That’s all, folks!

Yes, so these were some of the top trends in mobile app design that will rule the charts. Please make the most out of it and see how your app will stand out from the rest.

All the best 🙂

Juned Ghanchi
Juned Ghanchi is a co-founder and CMO at IndianAppDevelopers, innovative and empowers mobile application development company for small to big brand business houses.


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