How Mobile App Technology is Affecting the Health and Fitness industry


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The technological revolutions haven’t spared any industry. And the healthcare segment is one such dimension. It is increasingly seeing a great transition towards health and fitness mobile apps. Healthcare mobile app development has many advantageous features. And through these features, medical supplies, patient and doctor records, various tests can be easily performed through different apps dedicated. Statista has reported a generation of almost $15.7 billion revenue towards the fitness segment in the year 2019.

Additionally, combining all the apps in this segment has now come up to around 318000 apps. And one of the main reasons behind such immense growth in medical apps is that people now have decision-making powers regarding their health. People are getting more aware of the importance of fitness in their lives. Thanks to easily downloadable mobile apps that now they can keep a track of their daily healthy habits.

Main Reasons Behind Mobile Apps Transforming the Health and Fitness Industry:

Health and Fitness mobile applications have membership programs, virtual and real-time trainers, video streaming instructions, nearby events, etc. All these features help generate revenue for the businesses, along with offering a great personalized user experience to the customers too. Here’s how both participants gain from these applications:

Monitoring Health Conditions

There are almost 97000 apps offering health and fitness services. The digital health and fitness industry greatly assists the people in taking quick decisions related to their health. The mobile health apps help customers in implementing healthy habits in their lives. They can monitor their health problems by feeding their health records in the apps. Plus, the customers’ data can also be utilized by the businesses to make apps with even improved features. Users can appoint a virtual trainer for fitness training, watch fitness lessons through video tutorials to monitor their progress. Additionally, there are various diet plans to follow and keep a check on the progress.

Smoother Medical Operations

Such immense benefits can help customers and patients in keeping a record of their health on a real-time basis. Currently, there are 4 million free apps available to download. Results are now easily checked by just a tap on the app. So that the doctors too can benefit themselves by analyzing the patient data and advise them a timely treatment. Everything right from accessing x-rays, prescriptions to MRI scans can be done through apps. This makes it easier to address all emergency situations too. Patients can also keep track of the medications prescribed to them and observe the changes in their health.

Improving Doctor-Patient Relationships

Healthcare apps have simplified the meeting and appointments between a patient and doctor. The apps now serve as a great platform for booking appointments, consultations, discussions and many more purposes. Patients can discuss with their doctors through chatting on the app about their issues, concerns, tests, follow-ups, and medicines. Such tasks can prove highly beneficial for the people living in backward areas and are unable to afford professional consultations.

Apart from keeping a check on progress, these apps also help in managing the patient’s health. Users can set reminders when to take or give medicines, any further tests, side effects of therapy. They can also send this information to their doctors to be safe. Studies also show that users are more likely, to be honest, while feeding their health data into apps, and might feel shy while telling the same face-to-face.

Maintaining a Healthier Lifestyle

Everything can be accessed by downloading an app, feeding your requirements and watching video lessons. Studies have shown that by the year 2020, almost 50% of mobile users would own such an app. You can workout at the comfort of your home by choosing a suitable time. You can monitor your daily routine, calorie intake, healthy food diet, daily or weekly goals all through the apps. People can now set realistic fitness goals instead of setting higher goals and backout in the middle of training. They can also keep a check on their personal training and workout regime like running, cycling and walking. The GPS on apps help track their movements and is even capable of tracking the speed and heart rates.

Facilitating the Hospital Management

The health industry is considered to be the quickest segment that took the advent of digital services in its stride. The global market under this segment is estimated at $90.50 billion in 2020. The mobile applications can prove beneficial in building a better connection between managers and the departments of the institutions. Apps can help not only the faculty, staff, department management, doctors and nurses.

They can also use these apps for monitoring the use of different resources like temperature, pressure, and equipment and their condition. This helps in not running into situations like a shortage of resources in emergencies. Plus, hospital executives can also maintain a record of infrastructure statistics through mobile apps. They can check available rooms as per the requirements, fund-flow, and many other logistics. All this helps in an easily accessible data resulting in making faster decisions. The app automation also helps in keeping a tab on insurance and transaction processes.

Staying Connected with a Healthy Community

Fitness and health apps have one big advantage of connecting people with others who have the same goals. Social networking sites are linked with many of the health apps that enable people sharing their progress with each other. A community of same people helps all of them stay motivated and inspired to achieve their fitness targets. Also, it facilitates healthy competition among everyone. They can share their own regimes, recipes, diets that have helped them in their journeys.

Wrapping Up

Health and fitness mobile app development services has proved to be a blessing in disguise for both doctors and patients. On one hand, doctors can maintain a record of their patients by feeding their data on apps and provide better and quick treatments. Whereas, patients can keep the record of their health conditions and keep working on getting better. Moreover, these apps encourage a healthier lifestyle by keeping a tab on their daily routines and habits.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know that healthcare apps can help me remind myself that I have an appointment with a doctor. As a regular patient, it’s important for me to map my health journey so that I can stay healthy. I think I’ll download such an app so that I can keep track of my health status.

  2. mobile app technology is affecting the fitness and health care sector in a positive manner this blog shows the initial use and benefit of online connectivity between the user and the service provider,as well as its shows the various ways to keep maintaining the business relationship,its gives a financial hike to this industry now these days. great post worth to read.


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