How Live Chat Can Help Enhance E-Commerce Engagement And Conversions


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The dynamic market conditions and continuously increasing numbers of e-commerce businesses have made the brands think more thoroughly about the ways of keeping and improving their market positions.

In these circumstances, live help chat has become one of the most useful tools that provide keeping customers interested. Giving real-time solutions and guiding customers through the purchase process, live chat software actively helps to enhance business results for all the e-stores that implement it wisely.

According to Neil Patel, even though live chat can be a productive practical asset that may significantly enhance conversions, sometimes, businesses get stuck. In some occasions, they may also experience worse business results after the implementation of this type of support. So, to avoid unpleasant and unexpected outcomes, we’re showing you the main advantages that live help chat brings to your business, provoking the increase both in engagement and conversions.

#1 Live Chat Provides Quick and Easy Access to Information

Providing an instant reaction based on the accurate information, live chat takes your relationship with your shoppers to a higher level. Not only does it offer you the possibility of starting the interaction whenever you feel it’s appropriate, but it also gives the customers an opportunity to have their issues addressed immediately.
And these are only some of the reasons why live chat is an ideal support solution for numerous shoppers. More than 92% of customers are satisfied with the way it works, which is dramatically higher than the satisfaction with call and email support, according to Customer Think.

#2 Live Chat Creates A More Relaxed Shopping Ambiance

While having a regular store means that the seller can easily communicate with the shoppers, show products and discuss their specifications, e-businesses are limited to their web presentations. However, by introducing live chat, you’ll create the environment in which customers can request additional information and get to know what they want about the preferred products as if they were in a real store. That way, customers can be sure of what they can expect.

Accordingly, it’s not surprising that 44% of customers think that having a real person answering their questions in the middle of purchase is one of the essential features of e-stores.
Finally, what’s important when it comes to the creation of meaningful yet relaxed support-client interaction is the clarity and accuracy of your responses, which can only be achieved if your live chat agents are well-trained. And by well-trained, we don’t just think well-informed and capable of solving issues efficiently, but also friendly and motivated to help, offering a positive, constructive approach.

#3 Live Chat Is A Money-Saving Option For Both Parties

Providing live chat for MS Dynamics CRM, you will not only cut down your expenses but also make it cheaper for your customers to reach out for you.

On the one hand, numerous businesses that use call centers as their primary support systems have to pay a more significant number of representatives. And this is owed to the fact that each of them can only communicate with one person at a time. On the other hand, they commonly have to charge for phone calls made by their customers to have cost-effective support.

With live help chat, in a majority of cases, you will only have the initial cost of buying the right software. In all other aspects, this solution will eliminate costs and losses. Primarily, you’ll avoid:

(i) unnecessary investments in setting up call center offices,
(ii) hiring and training a large number of call operators,
(iii) dealing with poor call quality,
(iv) customers’ frustrations in case of lengthy wait times, etc.

#4 Live Chat Prevents Cart Abandonment

Well-chosen live help chat will let your live chat agents have the proactive role and reach out to customers if they find it necessary. This way, not only can they guide the customers through the product selection and purchase process but they also may positively impact the value of a purchase.

It is confirmed that people who chat with support tend to spend up to 60% more per purchase when compared to people who don’t chat. And as it weren’t enough, 38% of customers decide to buy a product owed to a good chat session, claims it. Most importantly, high-quality live chat session won’t only motivate your customers to complete their purchase. It will also make 63% of them come back and buy from you again.

However, you should also have in mind that not any proactive engagement from your end will obligatorily result with a reduced cart abandonment rate. To expect from customers to make a (repeat) purchase, you should make sure not to sound too pushy. In other words, it’s highly essential for chat operators to realize that they should not be putting pressure on customers by showering them with excessive information and offering products that have nothing to do with the items that they want to purchase.

#5 Live Chat Offers Valuable Information

While it’s primarily a tool that helps you stay in touch with your customers and provide them with the information they need, well-chosen live chat software can also be a valuable resource of different statistics, metrics, and reports.

Real-time chat monitoring, post-chat surveys, chat rating, operator performance, average purchase value. These are only some of the information you can get from your software and use them to improve your communication with customers as well as business performance in general. And having in mind that 45% of companies don’t even bother to ask their customers for feedback and analyze them, maybe this aspect can be your key to taking a competitive advantage.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the implementation of live chat software can lead to numerous benefits. It brings out some awesome perks that may completely change your business reputation, such as:

(i) the increased speed and quality of communication,
(ii) the reduced costs of support service,
(iii) the interactive operator approach that keeps prospects interested,
(iv) the valuable information that live chat software stores and provides to you.

Finally, truth to be said, live chat software is not some magic box. You can’t expect to implement a random live support solution and instantly enjoy magically made revenue. Live chat can bring excellent results or no results at all. And the key to success is finding a reliable solution that fits your business needs, and combine it with well-trained, highly motivated chat operators. Only if you do it right, you may be able to witness the increase in your customer engagement and conversions.

Jared Cornell
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