How Live Chat can Impact Your Customer Satisfaction


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 live chat with customers
Customer satisfaction is the key ingredient for any business to strive and thrive. With the evolution in technology, customers have become even more informed and demanding, requiring increased and improved channels for support. There are several customer support channels i.e.

The increasing inclination towards live chat customer support service makes it the topic of discussion in the subsequent part of the article.

Facts shows that 92% customers are satisfied using live chat services as compared to other means of communication i.e. phone, e-mail and social media support. It is simple and effective way to provide an instant and timely assistance to customers, which creates a convenient two-way form of communication resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Forrester Research in a study stated that 44% of online customers considered that a live person answering to their questions in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important feature a website can offer.

Live Chat Support has been incorporated by numerous business websites and in addition to that customers these days expect it to be available on their mobile devices. Let’s ponder upon few of the factors that are contributing increasingly towards its customer satisfaction levels:

Instant Feedback through Personalized Support

Personalized live chat support enables customized interactions with your prospective customers. For a business to operate proactively, it is important to know what its customers are thinking at present regarding its brand and what possible issues there might be that they could be facing right now with its products or services. The task involves a lot of time and resources if done by other means, however, live chat support makes the job hassle free and pretty convenient.

Customers are able to share their suggestions and opinions more efficiently with businesses through live chat customer support service, which when followed through by the company, makes them feel respected and appreciated, adding to their contentment towards the brand.

Helps Identify Customer Pain Points

Pain point is either a problem that a customer has with the business that is not resolved or is a client need that has not yet been addressed. As they say; the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity turns out to be. With the help of live chat support, it has now become easy to discover any underlying problem or need that a customer might have with the business. This when identified effectually, is then addressed in the most effective manner using the best available resources at hand which ultimately enhances the customer experience and satisfaction

Offers Convenience for Customers

People prefer live chat over other mediums for a number of reasons, and time is a key element. Of the individuals who favor live chat, 79% said they did as such on the grounds that they got their inquiries addressed rapidly and 46% corresponded it was the most effective communication means.

The interactive approach of live chat support service makes it convenient for customers to contact the business in real time especially when they are looking for solutions to their issues. Quick response and less hold times it proposes makes it more favorable in comparison to other support services. Additionally; customers are able to share their feedback with the chat agent at the end of every conversation which gives them a sense of contribution towards something meaningful and valuable for the company that in the longer run makes them think as part of the company; bringing them closer to and content with the brand and its services.

Conversations lead to Conversions

It often happens that when customers call a business’ customer service helpline, they are put on hold for longer times making them reluctant to even file a complaint in the first place thereby they feel switching to a more comfortable option as compared to getting their problem fixed. Live chat, on contrary, is faster, more prompt and convenient in giving real-time responses to customers, and eliminating any hesitancy that might occur in or during the purchase. Getting their questions/doubts cleared up and offering a continuous support service, not only saves time for the customers but leads to a positive word of mouth on their end; ending up into increase in the number of prospects and a reduction in the overall cost of the business.

Trained Live Chat Agents

Customer service training brings businesses a distinct set of benefits. Better trained agents are able to provide better service which leads to happier customers. An increase in the number of satisfied customers eventually results in business growth. It is important that live chat agents view the training programs as a learning and a growth opportunity at both personal and professional levels.

Trainings are provided to improve soft skills, social skills and responsiveness of the customer service representatives so that they can provide a better and empathic response to online consumers and are able to think successfully from the customers’ perspective. Trainees learn the best possible techniques on how to gauge the mood and needs of the customers, and how to approach an angry customer and turn him/her into a satisfied customer.


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