How IVR Took Customer Service To Next Level


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Role of IVR in a Modern Business Set-Up

Although the word “Interactive Voice Response” may seem new to the people who hear it for the first time, the technology is being utilized by various companies for a number of purposes. Despite the fact that voice response services have been there since long, it has gained extensive popularity only during the last few years. No matter what is the existing situation in the market, IVR allows businesses to offer support to prospective customers whenever they feel the need. Not only does it reduce the expenditure of a company, but also simplifies the work of a customer support representative who does not need to deal with callers at odd hours.

No doubt, voice response services have many benefits for a company. In addition, customers feel happy because they have an opportunity to call their service providers at any time of the day. Not only do these services facilitate the accomplishment of a variety of transactions, but also allow a company to get rid of unnecessary commitments. At the end of the day, a customer would continue to be loyal if he is satisfied with your services. Likewise, a business owner also continues to increase his income and it enables his business to escalate new heights.

Whenever a customer calls up a contact center, he expects a quick and feasible solution to his problem. However, a customer can expect anything only if his call gets diverted to the concerned department. If this does not happen, the customer may think of switching his service provider. This is the reason one cannot neglect call routing services at any cost.

How Things Get Simpler with IVR

The initial investment of money and time into an IVR system brings the desired results to you in no time. Moreover, the integration of this technology with all the units or departments of your organization would further broaden your horizons. Not only would you be able to provide the services, but also enable the integration of these services between various work groups and locations. So, the idea of taking advantage of IVR hosting services is worth giving a shot.

The major benefits of voice response systems include:

• Management of call queues.
• Call transfer as well as conferencing capabilities.
• Automatic facility for payment of bills.
• Self-service for callers that allows them to update their account or personal information.
• Availability of a predetermined set of choices to customers.
• Data extraction capabilities useful for analysis of performance.
• Generation of performance reports for a specific period of time.

Apart from this, an organization can also access the other features of IVR including:

• Identification of callers
• Speech recognition capabilities
• Payment over phone
• Cellphone purchase

The Need For IVR Development Services

In general, the development of IVR refers to the aspect or component where a comprehensive project calls for a programing team to assemble and assign tasks for the establishment an automatic phone answering system. The integration of a Web-enabled interface with an IVR system allows customers to realize the benefits in the form of useful applications for:

o Finding a vendor in your locality
o Management of tickets
o Telemarketing and promotion activities
o Banking activities
o Surveys and voting

Contact Center Services And Your Requirements

The importance of technology continues to increase in our lives with every coming day. Not only does it simplify the routine tasks for us, but also allows us to lead a stress-free and comfortable life. Technology lies at the base of every industry in this world. Like any other industry, the contact center industry also uses technology extensively. No doubt, all the activities of a modern call center take place through the use and implementation of advanced technologies as well as the latest equipment. However, the most important aspect of technology is change. We cannot deny that technology continues to change and improve according to the requirements of the market. Many sharp minds congregate to find a simpler substitute to an existing technology. In addition, the use of technology in the customer service industry further underlines its importance.

The contemporary world is inundated by companies that do not hesitate to make use of the services of call centers for a variety of activities. You have everything from a retail call center to a telecom call centers. In addition, there are many customer support companies that address the requirements of organizations in different industries. An organization that adopts a customer-centric approach always benefits in the long-run. Enterprises that need to answer the queries of thousands of customers on an everyday basis can definitely benefit from voice response systems. The phone system is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the customer service industry. Last, but not the least, a streamlined IVR is capable of doing the trick no matter what it takes!

Alicia Gray
Alicia Gray is an BPO and outsourcing industry analyst, and writes about technology. Currently working with one of the business process outsourcing (BPO) services provider. My role has been instrumental in assisting businesses to choose the right BPO Services.