How Does SharePoint Solve Employee Collaboration Issues Within Enterprises?


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For every business, whether it is small or big, team collaboration is the driving factor that excels innovation and cooperation for better productivity. You would also want to enhance your team collaboration.

To achieve this, you would be using several tactics and tools to improve the collective employee experience for better communication and knowledge sharing. Indeed, there are plenty of tools available today that allow you to connect with your employees in a more engaging environment.

However, I would have to admit that there is no match for Microsoft SharePoint in 2020. It has become a headline in the space of enterprise collaboration that is stealing everyone’s attention.

Though, for some enterprises, this tool is still an alien because they don’t understand how this tool can improve employee collaboration from scratch. In this post, I will shed light on Microsoft SharePoint applications within the enterprises for better collaboration. So, stay hooked with me.

Microsoft Sharepoint In 2020

Microsoft 365 and SharePoint are thriving continually and gathering a huge number of company users. The following representation shows how these tools are expanding across the world.


Currently, Microsoft SharePoint premium team collaboration has more than 190 million paid users. This ecosystem is supporting 200,000 organizations all over the globe and having a full-fledged team of over 50,000 partners.

If I talk about its popularity, then the hype around the world is due to its benefits and application within large enterprises and SMEs. The unmatched perseverance for providing high-quality collaboration and mitigated risks have made it one of the best platforms for employee collaboration.

Let’s take a brief look at its significance in the ecosystem of enterprises.

What is SharePoint?

Share point is a web-based platform designed in a way to support collaboration and offer complete access to application workflow components such as databases, lists, security features, and other web parts to improve workflow for business teams.

This platform offers unmatched ease and convenience to control the flow of information and automate workflow processes across dissimilar business units. The platform comes with several versions including SharePoint Cloud, SharePoint Online and more. Each has its own potential and application.

Besides, these platforms are paired with many other offerings such as 365, Microsoft 365 license. If you are thinking about leveraging its potential, then you must get SharePoint web development services that allow you to acquire an ecosystem for enhanced business processes.

It also provides web application development by opening access to a rich-featured environment that completely removes the need for coding. Thus, there is nothing parallel to Microsoft SharePoint for employee collaboration.

What is Microsoft SharePoint used for?

You would have heard its name a couple of years back. However, the fact is beyond your thinking. SharePoint has been available among Fortune 500 companies for the last 17 years and increasing the efficiency as an “intranet” platform.

A wide range of features and remedial convenience, make this platform the easiest tool to work in collaboration on ad-hoc projects. Altogether, it has brought on a new basis for established business processes for data/information sharing, recording/storing data, and document publishing.


The platform includes several features that provide business users with the potential to perform more tasks in less time. Those features are:
– Security Controls
– Co-authoring
– Integration With Exchange (Outlook email application
– Versioning

Needless to say that this platform has unthinkable abilities that can drive employee collaboration immensely. Here are some points that show its abilities.

1. Access control over document: SharePoint needs approval on the document before offering visibility.
2. Continual Check-Out: The platform “Check out” reports to avert authoring or editing.
3. Notification: It notifies when documents are uploaded or changed
4. If/then logic: It allows you to use If/then logic to automate actions such as information recording and document emailing

So, now you would have understood why Microsoft SharePoint is essential. However, the main question remains unturned from the above description.

Why is collaboration essential within an organization?

Each enterprise thrives through collaborative efforts. Thus, collaboration is understood as the key to success in business verticals. This aspect allows businesses to process continually and reach effective implementation.

Moreover, the other perks of collaboration are enhanced employee engagement, higher retention, and performance, and boost to innovation. Making the workplace easier is the key that unlocks the door of innovation and leadership within the organization, and removes the drapes blocking the light of efficiency, growth, and sought-after outputs.

Here take a look at the ROI of enterprise collaboration:

– High-grade productivity among teams and departments
– Well informed and knowledgeable employees
– Mitigated risk and miscommunication
– Higher engagement levels
In order to achieve all of these, Microsoft SharePoint is the most used and admired platform that not just collaborates teams but also allows content and project management.

Nevertheless, during my entire career in technology and management, I figured that implementing the concept of collaboration within the enterprise isn’t as simple as it seems. Failures and glitches are common and can arise at any time when organizations find themselves trapped.

Wondering what can be those problems? Let’s take a look at them.

Problems That Enterprises May Face In Employee Collaboration And How SharePoint Can Solve Them

1. Disoriented and chaotic collaboration

Since seamless collaboration is the need for a successful business, sometimes, it grows disorganized, and content & processes get dispersed over a variety of tools. Unifying them, and bringing them for use becomes very tricky and you start praying for a miracle to happen that solves the mess.

Above all, the lack of knowledge among employees to use the app effectively also causes hindrance.

Didn’t you face such problems within your enterprise? I remember how crazy it was at my organization. Goodness! SharePoint has the cure.

How can SharePoint solve this issue?

The ocean of employee collaboration is vast, and it is easy for an employee to sink down into deep water. SharePoint features an environment that makes them part of a community with a strong driving force toward the objective.


Disconnection from objective and misleading communication is the cause of problems mentioned above. SharePoint Login caters to the environment where all of these aspects disappear, and each employee has a seamless connection to the project and team.

2. Inadequate communication among teams

Miscommunication and inadequate knowledge of employees have always created issues, and cause many projects to be on hold. Team collaboration is critical for every business, and it is essential for every organization that its teams communicate with each other seamlessly.

How can SharePoint help?

SharePoint is designed in a way that it offers a virtual workspace with team-only access. This platform allows a team member to create a virtual project environment and allows adding of employees working on the project. Besides, project managers can also decide what information access will each team member has.

This reduces the issue of miscommunication and inadequate knowledge and boosts the team collaboration from the base level.

3. Inefficiency in file handling

A business includes multitudes files that comprise docs, videos, sheets, and much more. These files are not just greater in number but also bear a large size compared to other documents. Previously, email services were being used to manage all of these aspects. Though, nowadays it is not very reliable and efficient.


As once your inbox gets packed with thousands of emails, finding the required email browsing through all becomes daunting and arduous. Moreover, it is essential that you have the fastest access to your files anytime, from any location.

How can SharePoint be used?

SharePoint’s enterprise storage solution is designed to eradicate this issue. It is capable of handling multitudes of files with ease. While your documents will be present in the cloud, you can access all your files anytime from anywhere.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about clusters of files as it allows you to manage the files in a constructed environment.

4. Hardship in leveraging better analytics

Understanding user behaviour has always proven fruitful for organizations, as it opens the gate to millions of opportunities. However, it’s very complex to understand the aspects of users by looking over the analytics with little experience and no knowledge of the tool.

No matter how great and user-friendly a tool you are using, your employees will get stuck at some point. And you cannot perceive what instrument or resource will solve the issues. Such instances are common and repetitive within organizations.

How can SharePoint help?

Once you get SharePoint Login, you understand that this platform has infused with a better analytics feature to support impeccable insight gathering over diverse topics. It does not just keep your employees hooked and engaged with the platform, but also lets you access social dynamics for your organization to engage better, motivate, and reward employees.


If you are thinking about acquiring a software application that can help your organization understand your customer behaviour, then you should consult a software outsourcing company that can integrate SharePoint capabilities to your program for better company data analytics.

5. Issues in departmental collaboration

Employees working within different departments always face several issues when it comes to fetching information from other departments. While departments use dissimilar content management systems, it becomes cumbersome to establish glitch-free communication.

How can SharePoint help?

SharePoint provides cross-departmental collaboration by allowing integration to different content management systems. Besides, its intranet connects all company departments and stores all corporate policies, news, and documents.

Employees can communicate through messaging tools, blogs, discussion boards, and more. Microsoft SharePoint Intranets offer seamless business communication by supporting corporate communities, which develop weak ties that are valuable for collaboration boosting.

Wrapping Up

In my opinion, the enterprise collaborative culture makes the organization thrive and grow successfully. Thus, it is essential to ensure prudent and precise information sharing between employees. In this matter, uploading files, commenting on good practices, engaging them in other projects, and cross-team cooperation are the best ways to boost company culture.

To achieve this, SharePoint is the best platform to ensure employee collaboration for better ways. It has features to fulfill all enterprise needs for communication, content management, team, and department collaboration.

Moreover, when it comes to web application development, then you don’t need to code, its website development features allow you to use database, web environment components to develop seamless experiences without coding.

SharePoint platform can be reformed and tailored as per the enterprise needs of collaboration & communication. For both team-based and company-wide collaboration, Microsoft SharePoint is an outstanding tool that can connect all your employees over a single channel.

Altogether, SharePoint provides several benefits such as affordable cloud deployment, adaptability, integrated environment, managed permission to data, better project management, enhanced productivity, reporting at ease, and much more.

Overall, integrating a SharePoint platform will not just increase collaboration but also save a huge cost. Thus, you must consult a SharePoint management and software outsourcing company that can help you understand its benefits for your specific business needs, and craft an environment for better ROI generation.


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