How Can You Achieve Quality Customer Service By Determining Your Customers’ Temperament


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As a customer representative in a call center industry, don’t you just wonder what type of a person you are talking to? Why did they become so angry at you? Or why are they insisting something that may not be possible?

To achieve a quality customer service, it is important to know the customer’s personality. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible to know them on a personal level but with their profile and a little bit of talking to them, you will get a gist of who they are.

Different Personalities When It Comes To Buying Products And Services

Everybody’s different. We deal with experiences differently. However, there are some instances that we, or a group of people, react to the experience or occurrence in the same manner.

Psychologists have grouped people’s personalities into four categories — the aggressive, expressive, passive, and analytical — which became a basis of many things. As a matter of fact, it can be applied to customer service, too.

The first temperament is aggressive. Aggressive people like to take charge. They also seem like they know it all. For a quality customer service to happen, you need to give them facts. Lay all the details they want to know and make sure they are correct. Do not try to take anything from them but instead give them everything they need.

These types of buyers are also called workers. They are usually sure of themselves. They know what they want once they find out everything they need to know. For a call center representative to identify this type of personality, they need to watch out for the type of questions they ask. They have to ask direct to the point questions and do not like small talks. And when it comes to dealing with them, CSRs need to be as confident as the customer so they can trust them.

The second type, Analytical individuals, are also called thinkers. They do not want to make mistakes. They research about your company and products in advance. For a quality customer service to take place, the call center agent needs to double check the facts and information they are giving to analytical people.

Identifying them is easy because they would ask questions that are more in-depth. They would want to know more than the basics and would like to try the products and services.

Expressive people or the talkers are extroverts. They thrive from your small talks and compliments. They are friendly. But often times emotional and that could affect their buying decision. Social acceptance is a big deal to them.

How to spot an expressive caller? They are the ones who start small talks out of nowhere. They would ask about things that are not really related to the product or service your company offers. Instead, they want to be friends and from there they would decide if your products are worth buying.

CSRs could deal with them by being friendly, too. They could engage them in small talks but should also know when to stop. Adding a personal touch to the sales conversation would be the best move an agent could do. If they can relate then the probability of closing the sale is higher.

People with passive personalities are mostly introverts. They mostly watch from afar. In a call center setting, they mostly listen to what an agent is offering. However, too much sales talk might make them uninvolved.

These types of customers should never be pressured. They need longer persuasion and a relationship that is built over time. CSRs can identify them as people who ask a lot of “How” questions. They want to make sure that they are making the right decision before anything else.

With all the type of personalities, a person can still act differently depending on the sales pitch. It does not guarantee 100 percent sales once you identify their character. However, customer service training programs should not ignore the factors it contributes.

Fred Chua
I am a Philippine-certified Electronics and Communications Engineer who serves as the CEO of Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc. Magellan Solutions is one of the top call centers/BPO companies in the world that can deliver high-performing operations to businesses of any type and any size.


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