How B2B Companies Improving Customer Experience In The Middle Of The COVID-19 Pandemic


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Customer experience is the most important element that is needed in order to grow and prosper. But when it is about the B2B companies, it is not about the individual customers.

The B2B companies need to deal with the other businesses in place of direct customers. Thus, it can get a bit difficult to earn the trust and loyalty of the clients in a single go.

But that does not mean that the B2B companies cannot improve upon their customer experience strategies. There are a number of ways that can surely help them in enhancing the client experience game.

The Customer’s Needs

When you are dealing with a B2B techigem company, you cannot first come up with a product and service and then lure the customers towards it. Here, you need to first identify the needs of the clients so that you can find a solution to it. When you have done your research about what is the new demand of the clients and the customers, you can be sure about what you need to develop.

Often when you have already developed something and then you try to convince the clients to try it, it fails. But when you know the fact that the client is in need of what you have developed, it becomes much easier. This directly enhances the customer experience as they get a solution to their problem.

Focus on the Outcome of the Client

There cannot be anything much better if you and your client are working together to a single goal of meeting up the demand of the ultimate customers. You can make use of the customer experience software to understand the goals that the client is aiming at. There cannot be anything as great as involving your client in the product that you are developing. You can create a survey of questions that you think can be answered better by the clients before starting the development process.

Based on these comments and data, the right product can be developed. When you are aware of the features and functions that your clients are looking forward to, it can help you better in designing and developing the product. This can actually get successful and you can have a happy client at the end of the day.

Post Sales Feedback

Similar to taking post-sales feedback from the individual customers, it is important to take such post-sales feedback from the clients too. Do not think that you have developed a product as per the client and you have developed and that was your final task. The hurdles actually begin now. The product may have a fault or something that the client did not like after it has been developed. It is your responsibility to know whether the client is fully satisfied with the services that you have delivered or not. If there is a major issue, the client will come up on their own to raise complaints. But in the absence of any such complaints also, it is important to know whether the customer is happy with the services offered or not.

Making use of customer experience software is the techigem in this case. You can collect regular feedback from the clients to understand their experience with you. Also, you can collect the experience of the clients who have approached you but did not get any service from you. It is important to get feedback from them in order to know the reasons why they did not get any service from you. You can work on these lines to convert them also into your potential customers soon.

Teaching the Clients

When it is a B2B company, it is not just about offering the required products and services to the clients. It is also about educating clients with the latest trends and happenings. There are so many times when the clients are not aware of the recent happenings and this is the main reason that they are not able to have a better outcome towards their customers. You can take a dive into it and educate the clients from time to time about the new things that are important in the industry.

Do not forget to take separate feedback about the education service that you offer the clients. This helps the clients to remember that you not only sell them products but also educate them to be better in the field. This, of course, helps in enhancing the experience of the clients.

Improving the customer experience in the case of B2B companies can be a really tough task. But that can be made easy with the help of some tricky strategies and options for sure. Making use of tools from places such as piHappiness is no doubt a great way to measure the customer experience of your clients and work better towards the real customers together.


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