Have You Had Your “Mac Moment,” Yet?


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Rewind to Valentine’s Day 2007. My h-band drags me to the Apple store. He proudly says, pick out your new Mac for your Valentine’s gift. His excitement is barely controllable. Why you ask? He has his new Macbook Pro and of course he loves it. He has “switched” our entire house over to Apple gear. I considered fighting, this unnecessary change and disruption to my life, but know in the end this change is happening with or without my cooperation. I select a nice MacBook and off we go with our big white boxes with the happy fruit on the side.

The next day I head into the office, where there are several “fruits”- affectionate nickname for Apple users. They have already heard about my new purchase. Is there some sort of underground notification system among Mac users that let’s them know when one of “the others” has been converted? Anyway, they are overflowing with the same excitement my h-band had, this is strange. Each one offers to help me “get adjusted” to this new way of working. I don’t dare tell any of them, the first PC I used back in the 80’s- seriously, was a MacIntosh, they would really think i was the old lady in the office. I am determined to do it on my own. I am a believer that you can teach old dogs new tricks. Before my first day is out, each of the “fruits” stops by to ask me- Have you had your “Mac moment” yet?

I wonder if this is what the kids are calling “it” these days, or was I in for something else? After some work, on my part, okay, mostly my h-band, if we are being honest, I am functioning with my new Mac. This “functioning” level goes on for quite some time. I can work effectively with a minimal amount of cursing. Each day at the office, one of the “fruits” sticks their head in my office and says- Well, has it happened yet? your Mac moment? I reply, nope, not yet, to which I a met with a very disapproving look. I shrug, and wonder why they care so much about me being happy with my Mac. I’ll admit there are some things on my Mac that make life easier, most are related to sharing between people, applications and devices. My h-band has been making sure I know about and use the latest tools available including Time Machine- clue to what is about to come.

Fast forward to last week, h-band text me while I am at the gym for my login to my computer, and a strange, when was the last time you logged in? Hmmm, this is odd, I call him on my way home, and that is when it happens- he says, your laptop is dying, it will not boot up. My first thought is, is this my Mac moment? and if so, those “fruits” have a dark sense of humor.

We make an appointment at the Genius Bar over Labor Day weekend- yes, it is a total mad house. I am greeted by the genius assigned to my case. I don’t want to name him, because I don’t want to get him in trouble for what comes later. He plugs in a magic genius tool, and makes a long face. He comes around the desk, imagine a sick loved one and serious Dr. coming to give you the bad news. He tells me, the hard drive is dying/dead and I need a new one. I again think is this my Mac moment? He says my MacBook is not under warranty, and that it would costs quite a bit if I had him do the work. Or, we could just purchase a new HD at electronics store and replace it ourselves for about $100. He shows us how to remove the old HD and how to install the new one in.

We head off to pick up the new HD, my h-band installs the new HD, and then it happens. Since my machine was being backed up, regularly by Time Machine, it has just backed up- without me doing a thing, a few hours before the HD went bad. My MacBook was restored to exactly the state it was in a few days before, as if nothing happened. As if nothing had happened……ah ha, I realized, this is my Mac moment.

What makes this Mac moment possible? Well a ton of thought clearly goes into how Apple products and services work together. It is apparent Apple considers how frustrated people can get when things don’t work together. In addition, Apple provides me tools that perform without me having to think about them- which in todays busy times is essential. It is not enough for technology to just work, or not make our lives harder, it needs to improve my life and give me time back. This is exactly what Apple delivers. Their strive to achieve customer loyalty goes across everything they do, whether it is the website, the product, the software, the iphone or in the store. I get more than I expected, and often get a solution to a problem I didn’t know I had…yet.

So, I am officially a “fruit” now, and intend to tell anybody who will listen about my Mac moment, and yes, I’ll be one of those dorks, asking you if you have had your Mac moment yet- just smile and know its coming for you too!

Kelly Roy
Kelly Roy, founder of PlumSoup, has 20 years of experience building and leading successful customer-centric organizations—both Fortune 100 and start-ups—that solve real business problems. PlumSoup provides consulting services to high-growth companies that want to increase their profitability by transforming their customer experience into a differentiator.


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