Grocery App Usage Will Grow By 80%: What This Means For The Industry


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In the hectic schedule of today’s time, people hardly find any time to do all their chores. In the little time that they get is required to provide their body with some rests.

But some important daily life tasks need to be taken care of. One such task is grocery shopping. Putting on some real clothes, going to the grocery shop and bringing all the heavy stuff is a difficult task to do especially when you are tired at all after the daily chores.

But the Grocery Delivery Application development eliminated the need for this task. The on demand apps are now common and are becoming a lot of few minutes. Now all that is needed is to pick up the phone, place your order and the groceries will come to your doorstep.

A larger proportion of the population all across the world has already adopted this facility. And this was definitely possible due to the On-Demand App Solutions.

With the help of these solutions, the development companies created mobile applications and online applications for purchasing grocery online that will be delivered to home.

Though it does not have a negative impact on the brick-and-mortar shops. In fact, they can use it to their advantage. Just like every other business they can also take their business online and make large sums of money.

The Grocery App Development Company can leverage the potential and make the thing run more swiftly. Grocery is the part of daily lives and the inevitable requirement to purchase the grocery needs to draw out the time.

The problem is now solved from IT maneuvers of industry. Here we go with what data reveals for the future.

What does the data record reveal?

According to the eMarketer stats, the online grocery shopping’s growth or eCommerce growth of the grocery sector will rise to $38.16 billion by the year 2021.

This shows that the online space of grocery is immense and is growing at a rapid rate. According to the studies conducted by IRI, 55% of people aged between 25 to 34 purchase their groceries online, 45% of people aged between 34 to 45 do the same plus 35% of people aged between 45 to 54.

This data clearly shows that the demand for Grocery App Development Company is going to rise in the near future.

All the big names such as Amazon and Alibaba are making a mark in the industry with their online grocery shopping application and facilities.

It will not be wrong to say that one in every four people is either already ordering food with a grocery app currently or will do so in the near future.

There is no doubt in the fact that shoppers of today found themselves quite comfortable in online shopping. And purchasing grocery is one part of this online shopping.

The reason behind the rise in demand for the Grocery Delivery Application development is the increasing number of people who use grocery apps. The number of people using grocery apps has increased drastically in America and is on the rise.

It is expected that the number of grocery app users will rise to 30.4 million by the year 2022. And the growth is expected to go this way only.

All the credit goes to the early rise of 4G and 5G which made generations more tech-savvy and of course leisure loving. Thus, the On-Demand App Development Company is on the rise as well.

*We can render the credit to the expansion of mobile eCommerce at the global level. Except for few backs In the US the mobile-eCommerce industry is expected to rise to $3.5 trillion by the year 2021.

What else are retailers going to add to this?

For many years in a row, retailers have added numerous features and rendered several offers through their mobile applications or on-demand solutions.

And clearly, they are going to add more of such things in the future. The global survey conducted by Nielsen shows that 18% of people who shop online used their mobile coupons, 15% of such people used the mobile shopping lists and around 14% made use of the loyalty program of mobile retail.

Moreover, two-thirds of such people are also going to use the mentioned products in the time to come as well. So, retailers will add more such exciting offers and coupons in their grocery mobile applications.

And the reason behind this rapid rise in people using the online applications and coupons is quite simple. It is the fact that they are becoming more and more comfortable with online grocery shopping. eMarketer has defined grocery apps as ones that enable people to order retailers for fresh food on demand.

Getting fresh food at home from the retailer without having to do anything much will clearly provide comfort to anyone. But this thing is possible only with on-demand applications.

And that is why the requirement of the on-demand app development company is on the rise. This rise is to fulfill the demand of numerous retailers who are shifting or adopting this mobile application technology for their business.

Why the Grocery App Usage will Grow?

Through these apps, the retailers get to expand their business by providing customers discounts for certain time-period or on specific products. The consumers or shoppers, on the other hand, get to take benefits of the discounts.

These were some monetary benefits apart from the convenience that the shoppers get to enjoy. As the working population especially does not have time and energy to spend on grocery shopping.

So for them to order from their home for fresh groceries is a convenient thing that helps them greatly in managing their time. Plus they also get to rest for the time being.

And the eCommerce of grocery shopping is not beneficial only for the working class but for everybody else as well. People who shop from brick-and-mortar stores need to spend a lot of time standing in the queue.

Managing such a large number of people and billing their long list of grocery items is difficult for the people working and for the owner of the store.

Thus, taking this thing online proved beneficial for everyone. And that is why this eCommerce venture expanded in no time plus it continues to do so.

Summing it up

So, there is no doubt in the fact that the Grocery App usage is on the rise and it has a positive impact on this industry as well. The growth of grocery app and that of the industry are directly proportional to one another.

As the grocery app usage rises, of course, the competition among the contributing partners will rise. More usages mean more competition, resulting in more competitive pricing. The customer is always in benefit and as long as the customer is in benefit, the innovation can go with speed.


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