Email Marketing for CX – Choosing The Right Platform


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Customer experience is crucial for the sustained growth of your organization and essential to accelerate your digital transformation.

Email marketing is the best way to measure the experience of your customers with your brand. Email campaigns help you improve ROI besides assisting in tracking, measuring, and optimizing your message to acquire loyal customers.

Let’s understand what CX is and discuss the top email marketing platforms that help to improve CX.

What is CX all about?

Digital transformation is essential for every business. Customer experience or CX is the overall feeling of customers when they interact with a business.

Your customer experience can be positive, negative, or neutral. It is a total of all the interactions that customers have with a business during their overall lifetime.

Every customer has a CLV or customer lifetime value. CLV is the measure of how long the customer stays with the business. The higher the CLV, the better is the CX.

Why is CX Important For Email Marketing?

CX and email marketing should go hand in hand. Here are the top reasons why CX is vital for email marketing:

  • Customers who are happy with your business spend more. You can easily upsell to them and raise your profits. Feature marketing is one of the strategies technology giants use to upsell to their customers.
  • CX is directly related to customer loyalty. Businesses that invest more in improving CX have a higher customer retention rate.
  • Brand reputation is enhanced as happy customers help in word-of-mouth marketing. Moreover, new customers are referred to by existing ones, thereby helping you acquire more customers.
  • There is no need to invest extra money to improve your business’s negative reputation (if any). People share positive reviews about your business leading to improved customer goodwill.

Top 3 Email Marketing Platforms To Improve Customer Experience (CX)

Every email that you send to your customers should help them achieve their goals. You can leverage these email marketing hacks to improve your overall email marketing efforts. The three pillars for CX email marketing success are essential messages, personalized targeting, and user-focused approach.

It would be best if you had some tools to put CX email marketing to use. Here are the top three email marketing tools to keep your customers and prospects engaged:

1- Ongage

The Ongage email marketing platform is perfect for professional marketers because it focuses on performance-based marketing.

You can run large scale email campaigns and segment them on a whole new level, leveraging segmentation based on routing and customer behavior, which improves the customer’s experience by providing them what they need, when they need it.

Here are some of the features offered by Ongage:

  • It lets you create micro-segments for bulk email campaigns. In addition, you can create automated recurring campaigns that react to real-time events, which allow you to segment even further.
  • The platform lets you connect to multiple delivery vendors of your choice, which allows you to send different campaigns to different recipients, via different SMTPs, improving your deliverability and reducing costs.
  • Powerful analytics enables you to view all the data related to your campaigns to understand your recipients’ behavior and how to optimize it.
  • In addition to micro-segments, it boasts a wide array of user-friendly segmentation options that lets you target the audiences based on behavior. You can utilize up to 150 custom data touchpoints.
  • The platform offers powerful automation and dynamic personalization capabilities that increase brand loyalty.

2- Hubspot Marketing Hub

Almost every marketer is familiar with Hubspot, their email marketing hub is one of the best in the industry. You can use it to create branded emails and personalize them for higher click-through-rates.

Hubspot marketing hub offers the following features:

  • The UI is the easiest to work with, and you don’t need to take the help of designers to create user-friendly emails. They offer a collection of readymade email templates so that you can start running your email campaigns as fast as you can.
  • You can create email content based on smart rules that let you tailor your emails for every user. Smart rule is a revolutionary feature where you can create multiple features of your email for every user in your contact list. With such a level of one to one personalization, you increase your chances of improving overall CX.
  • The platform lets you A/B test your emails so that you know which elements need further optimizing and the ones that are generating the highest ROI.
  • With powerful analytics, you can know all the essential metrics like open rate, click rate, time spent viewing email, most popular links, etc.

3- Marketo

Another leading email marketing provider is Marketo Engage which is powered by Adobe. Marketo’s powerful email marketing platform lets you create email conversations at scale.

Here are the top features offered by Marketo:

  • The platform provides you a 360-degree view of every customer. When you have a rich customer persona in one place, it becomes easier for you to create relevant email campaigns.
  • The automated messaging feature lets you run triggered email campaigns based on customer behavior. You don’t need to wait for your programmers to unleash your marketing message. Relevant messages are automatically delivered to your prospects resulting in improved user experience.
  • An Intelligent A/B testing platform ensures you continuously improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Bonus: Tips to Measure Customer Experience

No matter whichever tool you are using for your marketing efforts, measuring CX is crucial to uplift your strategy. Here are some tips to accurately measure CX:

  • Calculate NPS or the Net Promoter Score. It is measured on a scale of -100 to +100 with a single question survey.
  • Collect feedback from your existing customers and try to optimize your current campaigns based on the acquired feedback. Tracking customer satisfaction also helps to win new customers even during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Final Thoughts

Every business should take the needed steps to keep the customers happy. Failure to do that results in a higher churn rate and decreased revenue. Email marketing remains one of the most important channels of marketing. Hence, improving CX via email marketing is necessary to pull your customers to the next step in the buyer journey. Your prospects are converted into buyers while your customers are retained.

Alon Ghelber
Alon Ghelber is an Israeli Chief Marketing Officer. He also works as a marketing consultant for several Israeli VCs and is a member of the Forbes Business Council. He is also the founder and manager of the LinkedIn groups “Start Up Jobs in Israel” and “High Tech Café.”


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