Does Adventure Travel Help Entrepreneurial Skills? 5 Ways It Could.


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If you happen to be a budding entrepreneur who wants to lead a successful business, a little bit of globetrotting can help you become ready to lead the startup life. While a business degree, a potential investor or an incubator can help you learn various aspects of business, travel can be an unorthodox but highly effective means of preparation for your leap into becoming a business owner.

Learning to cope with risk
The only certainty in the uncertain world of business is a risk. Adventure travel to a new place can be a little scary, and there are plenty of uncertainties that come to mind when you visit a new place. We fear the unknown, and it translates to the world of business as well. Overcoming these natural fears through adventure travel can help greatly when it comes to shaping you as an entrepreneur.

Embarking on an adventure travel experience can make you understand what it feels like to cope with risks and uncertainty. All of your adventure travel experiences give you strength to plunge at each risk instead of sticking to your comfort zone. Once you learn to conquer your nervousness when it comes to taking risks, you will never be scared to take on new opportunities for your business and grow your business as an entrepreneur.

Learning and understanding people
Every individual communicates and interacts in different ways, and adventure travel can help you understand how such interactions take place. Visiting different places and experiencing different cultures, can help you get a grasp of how dialects and communication styles vary from place to place. These experiences with people can help you understand how to interact with anyone and also leads to better cultural awareness.
If you plan on becoming a global business owner, then such experiences are an absolute must, and you should consider going abroad to expose yourself to the culture of your target market to understand your audience. These skills also help you understand your employees and how people can have different perspectives to approach similar problems. There are many ways individuals and teams of an organization tackle problems in any given situation. The more comfortable you are with different people and their approach to work, the more successful your business is likely to be.

Heightened Creativity
Great ideas often require change, and unexpected ideas come to mind only when you form new connections. Going for adventure travel trips allow you to be free from any day to day concern you have in your life. It lets your mind be fresh and explore all of the possibilities you have thought of for your business and work on them. Being far from home allows you to think through your high-pressure venture and understand your passion. Tel Aviv University and Kellogg School of Management have found through studies that spending time abroad leads to enhanced problem-solving skills.

Traveling is known to make you more open-minded as you meet new people and it gets your synapses working more actively. Synapses are known to be the wiring system of the brain, and as you form new connections, these synapses allow you to come up with unique and creative solutions to anything that you may have on your mind.

Boosts Confidence
We only ever gain respect from people around us when we accomplish things that are exceptional. Being an adventurer inspires others around you and creates a favorable impression about you. Sharing these travel experiences with people more often than not will amaze people who work with you even though it has nothing to do with work. It boosts not only your confidence but also, of the people around you.

Leading by example and proving to others if you can do it, others can too inspire others and lead to much better work. All of it is because you are willing to take risks and spending time immersing yourself in new experiences and it is a characteristic all great leaders in a business need to have a successful business.

Builds Leadership Qualities
Adventure Travel allows people to be more adaptive and learn from mistakes. Adventure travel is not only a thrilling experience, but it allows you to understand the value of overcoming your fears and conquering them. Experiencing these things make business risks, and threats feel frivolous in comparison. If you want to grow your business, you need to be a figure who is not afraid of risks and is willing to come up with bigger and better plans for your business, to improve the organization as a whole.

Your absence from the workplace not only helps you but every person in the workplace as well. Adventure travel allows you to help your employees become more reliable as they are forced to work in environments without you. Without the pressure of having to micromanage everything in the organization, you are free to think of bigger things for your business and focus on long-term growth plans.

A 2010 study published in the 2010 Journal of Applied Psychology suggests that the less people detach from their work during off hours, the higher the amount of emotional exhaustion is. While this can be hard for you as an entrepreneur, if you come out on top you will be more successful.

Yogesh Choudhary
Yogesh Choudhary is the founder & CEO of Finoit Technology, a leading mobile app development company which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and app development services across IOS and Android platforms.


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