Customer Journey Part 3: Seasonal Service Disorder


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This is the third installment of a month-long customer journey, where I will be reviewing the myriad of interactions that contribute to a customer’s overall experience. You can see the previous posts here:

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outstanding customer service has on customer loyalty and business success. You see, not all of the businesses we encountered were disappointing. A few stood out in a very big way.

  • The first was La Macheta – a small restaurant in Los Boliches. The server appeared to be genuinely happy to see us, and helped us picked the perfect Valentines Day meal.
  • The second was another restaurant – Peccati di Gola in Mijas. The server, Jamie has so far been a brilliant, shining light for customer service in every way.
  • The third was a unique and fascinating chocolate manufacturer and retailer – Mayan Monkey Mijas. They have managed to create a brilliant level of consistency throughout their company. Every aspect of customer experience – processes, policies, practices and people – are tightly focused, and the result is fantastic. .

After our experience at each of these, I found myself saying, “We definitely have to come back here.” I was compelled to tell friends about these people and places. And that is what outstanding customer experience does for a company. If you ever find someone questioning the value of improving customer experience, or customer service training, or auditing processes and policies to ensure they are customer-focused – ask them if they have ever gone back to a business because of their experience. Ask them if they have ever blogged or tweeted or posted about an outstanding experience.

Stay tuned for the next post to find out what a car rental company can learn from flamenco dancers…


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