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The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. ~ Robertson Davies

On Wednesday we chatted about how our unconscious mind uses meta programs to process data from our senses, and why those meta programs tend to keep us stuck in the same perceptions and patterns.

The good news is there are options to consciously shift our perspectives. The fastest way is to rest control away from our unconscious mind. By forcing our unconscious to activate our conscious logic, we sidestep the meta programs and step into fresh perspectives. Here are three tips to do just that for your business – and your life.

1. Shuffle the Deck

Our unconscious mind seeks patterns. It will actively create patterns to make our information processing more efficient. The problem is that these patterns direct us to see what we expect to see in our business data. That’s why we miss subtle shifts until they become more disruptive, why we don’t see the trends and issues coming at us until they reach a substantial threshold.

Shuffling the deck means changing the way we present our business data to our minds. It’s a simple shift with big results. Why? When you change the way you present your data, your unconscious mind sees a new format that doesn’t match what it expects. So it calls for help from your conscious mind.

For example, instead of using that same excel spreadsheet – make a scattergram or different form of visual chart. That will trigger your unconscious mind to shift.

We already do this today. Think about the different formats you try for the data you’re presenting to your boss or board of directors. We seek the best visual format to best show what we want our audience to see.

2. Look for What’s Going Right and Model It

Our unconscious mind is programmed to looks for what’s wrong. That’s a caveman suvival program that’s still highly active in our modern world. We look at information and seek our what’s wrong, a problem or a threat. That means we tend to only see problems.

By shifting to seek what’s going right we shift from our unconscious into conscious logic. Then we can explore the why around what’s going right, then model those aspects of success in other areas of our business. We also find new insights inside our data that present us with new opportunities and potential for business growth.

3. What If?

By asking What if, you interrupt “what is” and open your mind to new potentials. “What if we shifted to a new sales model?” “What if we packaged our products in a new way?” “What if we invested in that new opportunity instead of revamping our current offering?”

By asking “What if?” we force our unconscious mind to step out of its patterns and onto a blank whiteboard. And that means the conscious mind has to get involved.

For example, sometime in the not so distant past some vendor first asked, “What if I deliver my book through the internet instead of on paper?” The rest is history…

The Bottom Line

When we shift out of our unconscious automation and into conscious thinking – our perceptions and reality can and will change.

Try the above for a few weeks and let me know what happens. I’d love to hear about your success!


A pattern interrupt is a technique that disrupts an in-process habit of thinking or behavior.

Republished with author's permission from original post.

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