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Louis Lombardi is the CEO for The Wallet Group. Lombardi has spent his 18+ year career innovating within the technology and marketing sectors, having previously served as CEO at NuCitrus, and Founder of Insider Data 360. Currently, he's helping reshape the lead generation and customer retention landscape by empowering businesses, ranging from startups to national accounts, with advanced digital wallet platforms.

How ApplePay missed the mark – a new vision for digital wallets

If you were asked to name a digital wallet, ApplePay or GooglePay, or perhaps a bitcoin wallet may come to mind. Something synonymous with...

Low Cost Tips for Promoting your SMB Restaurant

The restaurant business has never been for the faint of heart, however the last few years have been particularly tumultuous. The pandemic-fueled delivery expansion...

Digital Wallets and Passes: Transforming Customer Loyalty Programs

Heading into Apple’s WWD earlier this year, rumors rumbled that the titan tech company would unveil a drastically enhanced mobile wallet with iOS 17....

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