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Nicholas Kontopoulos
As part of SAP Global 'Customer Engagement Solutions' Marketing team, I am responsible for developing SAPs digital and growth market Go-to-Customer Strategy.As a successful professional, I am very passionate about developing innovative go-to-customer strategies that break with the 'Status Quo' and deliver my customers fresh and creative solutions that deliver a real competitive advantage.With 20 years of experience working across a number of Industries at a country, regional and global level, I have developed a proven record of accomplishment in meeting and exceeding both my professional a

Enterprise Mobility: unplug your 21st- century Sales Warriors

Does anyone else remember what life was like as a salesperson before smartphones? I do, and it wasn't pretty. In 1998, I covered a...

21st Century Sales Warrior = People + Process + Technology

Throughout my sales career, I grew increasingly frustrated by the perspective that sales people were not like other professionals -- accountants, engineers, designers, marketers...

Empowering the 21st Century Sales Warrior

I am passionate about fusing innovative business processes with technology. I have to be: that's the only way the sales warriors of the 21st...

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