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Matthew McEwen
Matthew McEwen is a Senior Software Platform Implementation Manager at MaritzCX. He is responsible for designing world class VOC programs utilizing SaaS technology enabling businesses to respond to the customer experience in real time. Prior to joining MaritzCX, Matt worked at another software company specializing in FinCen software and online banking for medium to large asset clients. He is an avid cyclist, and spends hours on his bicycle and trails as well as much time as possible with his family.

What We Learn From ‘One-Click’ CX & Its Pitfalls

I sat there in my chair chuckling to myself as my 16-year-old daughter sighed, grumbled, and rolled her eyes continually.  She had now been on…

Unicorns, Perfect CX, and Other Mythical Creatures

Throughout the history of the world, humans have created and envisioned many things that don’t exist in the ‘real world’. Often, many people...

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