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Moe Glenner is the founder and president of PURELogistics, a leading consulting firm that specializes in organizational change. He earned his MBA at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification from Villanova University. Glenner's new book, Selfish Altruism: Managing & Executing Successful Change Initiatives ($13.95 | Amazon), explores best practices in organizational change. For more information, visit www.moeglenner.com.

The Five Why Method of Change

Success in any change is largely dependent on identification of the real problem or issue. Many times, the obvious problem is masking an obscured...

Two Lessons Learned from Instagram’s Faux Pas

Once again, a technology-based company has exposed to the world their classic misunderstanding of change. In Instagram's case, the failure was two-fold: a failure...

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