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Ladona Stork is passionate about helping call center leaders find ways to make it easier to meet their goals. With over 25 years leading call center teams, she knows firsthand of the crazy life in the call center where there is never enough time and always too many fires!

5 Ways to Ignite the Passion in Your Call Center Reps

Why on earth would any one aspire to be a call center rep? Let’s be honest, no one ever had a passionate dream that someday...

My Skin Crawled… Do your Supervisors Have a Scary Vision?

Call after call I heard examples of spine tingling bad customer experience. My skin crawled! During a call center tour I was seated with...

5 Ways to Keep the Fear of Change Monster Out of Your Call Center

Image courtesy of presentermedia.com Every call center manager dreads those mornings when you walk into the center and your customer service reps are in small...

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