8 Smart Tricks To Get One Million App Installs


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get one million app installs
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As a developer, your dream must always have been to get a million downloads for your app. For achieving this you must have spent huge bucks. But unfortunately, all your attempts became futile.

I know how painful it is!

This task is not something very easy to achieve. Smart work is the key to achieve the 1 million app installs feat.

The competition is getting even more aggressive with thousands of app jostling for their spot in the App Stores. The entrepreneurs now have different tricks tucked in their sleeves, with which they are able to get one million app installs.

Scaling Your App Installs With A Strong Customer Base

You need to find your target users first, who can directly connect themselves with your business. When customers find you, your business becomes matured for expansion. You can’t just expect the customers to fall into your lap soon after you launch your app. You need to toil very hard if you want a strong customer base.

But how to grow and retain your users?

It is obvious that your customers will first search for your product in the App Stores. With millions of apps making rounds in the store, it is extremely difficult to come to the feature list. Here’s where you need to optimize your product’s features.

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Your users will identify your product with its description, icon, screenshots. These are some of the initial looks of your products. If they aren’t enticing and interactive, it will never get off the ground; no matter how much bucks you waste to promote it.

Apart from this, your app must be easier to search in the stores. Your audience will search with long-tail keywords mostly; so make sure that you keep that mind. After that, you can connect with the influencer through social media platforms and pitch guest posts blog. Being organic is the best way to monetize your app.

Although it is extremely difficult to convince users for installing your app, with the proper blend of marketing and development, you can reach the million mark.

Let’s Find Out How This Entire Thing Works:

1. Get A Killer App Idea First

You need to start by looking for apps in the App Store and check if similar ideas exist. Avoid working on those apps which are already popular in the App Stores.

With millions of apps shooting every year in the App Store, quality and uniqueness have become an important issue. For standing out in the crowd, you need to make sure that your app provides a solution to a problem.

Take some time out in researching what type of app can make money. Ask yourself, if you have all the resources and skills to make your app an amazing one.

2. Go For A Brilliant UI Next

If you are unable to entice your users with your app, then you can never achieve your dream of getting one million app installs. This leads us to two things- First, the UI should be responsive across different devices and platforms. Secondly, it should be able to delight the customer in the first go.

A developer’s job here is to use all his expertise in creating an amazing user interface. It is all about user manipulation, structure, and communication.

3. Keep Your App Crash Free

If your app is full of bugs, users will instantly uninstall your app from their devices. For ensuring a smoother flow of your app, get it tested in beta.

Thanks to various platforms where we can test our apps now. BetaBound, Beta Talks, Betalist are some of the popular platforms for app testing.

Prepare your app in a way that it doesn’t crash even once after it is downloaded on users’ devices. You have to understand that the stores are filled with impatient users, who will abandon after they face repeated instances of crashes.

4. Your User Ratings And Reviews Do Matter

This is an obvious thing!

After all, it is the reviews and ratings your users gift you with. You will be showered with both positive and negative reviews, along with different ratings. However, your aim should be to bring in more positive reviews and 4 star plus ratings to be on the game.

Reviews and feedback get pretty much ignored. I have seen a lot of startups doing this.

They launch their app, watch the first 10,000 downloads trickle in, mark it as a success, and then move on to their next idea. Well, the game doesn’t end here, as you need to work harder after your app launch process.

Remember, great customer service is the foundation of your app business. If you can respond quickly, clearly and solve the issues of your users, you’ll develop a loyal fanbase.

Following all the app launch strategies will gradually increase your app downloads.

5. Go For The In-app Referrals

Referral marketing or word of mouth is something which is still considered to be the best form of business promotion. You just need to ask your current users to advocate your app to other people.
Well, why would someone do this for you?

You need to give them a tough and genuine reason. Only then, they will happily recommend your app. Implement in-app referral program to ensure that your app is reaching out to a larger audience.

6. Please The Media

If your app gets reviewed by some prestigious media platform, then it adds value to your app’s popularity. Positive feedback or recommendation from media can definitely give your app an initial spurt in the App Store.

7. Launch Your App On The Perfect Platform

Although press release can provide you with the initial kickstart, what actually happens post app launch is unpredictable. Marketing with a big budget is always a great option, but you must realize that ultimately it is your users who will determine the longevity of your app.

Therefore, it is always important to bring your app in a platform where it actually makes sense.

The platform must have an active bunch of users and who are highly interested in your product.
By choosing the right platform type, you will be able to get appropriate feedback, visibility from the users.

8. Time To Buckle Up Your Social Media Game

The best way to increase the reach of your app is through social media. Social media is one of the biggest platforms for imparting customer service.

As opposed to the traditional marketing methods, social media space is quite a dynamic platform and, therefore, app developers should buckle up their social game to gain customer loyalty.

Another bright idea is to integrate social media with the app, thereby increasing its chance of share by the users.


Regardless of whether your app is taking 12 months or 24 months to reach the benchmark of one million app installs; scaling your business app, time to time should always be your ultimate goal.

Although increasing your app installs to one million sounds impossible, but it is not. Several entrepreneurs have achieved this feat by following the smartest tricks and hacks.

Our mobile app development team has been pioneering in this field for several years now. Looking for some expert guidance in this regard? Connect with our squad today.

Swarnendu De
Swarnendu De is the Co-founder of Innofied, an Award Winning Apps & Game Development company. He manages the Technical & Business Development Operations at Innofied. With over 10 years of industry experience, Swarnendu has also authored Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices, published by Packt Publishing, UK. He regularly writes at his company blogs, LinkedIn and other popular platforms.


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