5 Ways to Use Invoicing as Marketing in 2021


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Small business owners and freelancers are always looking for new ways to market their businesses. Invoices are one of the most overlooked tools in a marketing arsenal, but they shouldn’t be!

In this article, we will go over 5 different ways that invoices can be used as a tool for marketing your products or services. From adding calls-to-action on an invoice to including social media links, there are many opportunities that you should explore if you want to improve your conversion rates and generate more revenue with invoicing!

Why are Invoices Great Marketing Tools

Invoices are not just a tool to generate revenue. They’re also an opportunity for you, the business owner, to market your services and products in a creative way.

They are often an untapped goldmine for marketing professionals.

Think about the last time you received an invoice. Chances are, instead of just scanning them and deleting them from your inbox, you took the time to look through the email to make sure you’re being billed correctly before moving on (to pay or file the invoice for later).

Unlike many marketing messages they get through email or print which customers can easily ignore, most will usually take the time to go through it with more focus.

This valuable one-on-one time with your client is a great opportunity to remind them of the great work you’ve done. They’re already focused on your work and your business.

You’re also spending valuable time crafting that invoice, so you should make sure your invoices work for your business, too!

Idea #1: Strengthen Your Branding

Often, invoices are seen simply as necessary business documents that can be dry and to-the-point. They’re a document outlining the work and products you’ve provided your customer, and how much they owe you.

But a well-designed invoice can strengthen your branding and improve your customer’s perception of your business.

Even if you don’t add any other marketing features to your invoice, you should make sure that your brand is apparent in your invoice. Whether it’s a clean, professional invoice or one that’s fun and friendly, your business should be front and center. Use design and copy that resonates with your company’s vision and values.

Idea #2: Sell on Your Invoice

Your invoice shouldn’t be like a marketing catalog filled with your products or services, because it’s still an important business document. But you can still sell on your invoice and take advantage of the focus your customer has on your work.

Use the opportunity to let them know about special offers, sales, or promotions that they can get just by being your customer. You can also reward them for their loyalty with a discount on their next project with you. They’ll be more likely to return if you give them a good offer after the great work you’ve done.

Idea #3: Encourage Referrals

Your customers can be valuable allies in growing your business. They know your products and how you work, so they’re in a great position to recommend your business to their contacts.

You can offer them incentives to recommend your service or products (such as discounts and referral bonuses), or simply make your invoice something to talk about with their friends (as a novelty or conversation starter). All additional eyeballs on your business can turn into a sale.

Idea #4: Provide Free Resources

Everyone loves freebies, most of all when they’re unexpected but valuable. You can take the opportunity to share a free resource to your customers using your invoice. Add a link or a QR code where they can access helpful tools and information, such as great ways to use your product or how your product can help them better.

You can also use the free resource you provide as a way to strengthen your branding and positioning as a leader in your industry. Perhaps direct them to your brand’s blog where you share best practices, or your video channel with great guides and how-tos.

Idea #5: Ask for Feedback

Invoices are a great opportunity to get feedback from your customers as they look back at the work or product you’ve given them. It’s easier to tell you how to improve or to give praise when your work is at the top of their mind.

If they offer you suggestions for improvement, thank them earnestly and look at this as a great opportunity to make your offering even stronger. You can even use their suggestions as a way to sell your services to them again, by thanking them again later on when you’ve implemented their suggestions.

If they praise your work, you can also ask them if they’ll allow you to use their testimonial on your website or marketing collateral. This is a great way to build up your reputation and credibility.

Maximize Your Time with Your Customer

Invoices are important business documents that you will always issue to your customers, and one they have to focus on as well. They’re a necessary part of business, but you can take them to the next level by using invoices to improve your customer’s experience with your business.

They’re already focused on your business while they’re going over your invoice. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to remind them of the great work you’ve done or invite them into a deeper business relationship with you. Your invoices can sell your business, too.


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