VoIP calls, A Saving For Real Estate Marketing


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Real Estate Marketing

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IP calls are the definitive trick to reduce the costs of marketing campaigns within the real estate sector.

When we talk about VoIP calls we are not referring to WhatsApp calls, facebook messenger or other calls through instant messaging applications that have become so popular in the market. These types of calls are characterized by poor audio quality and being more for more informal and personal use.

On the contrary, the type of IP calls that can be very useful for marketing campaigns within the real estate industry are calls made through WebRTC lines. WebRTC lines are telephone lines that work by IP through the Internet and whose technology has been developed by Google.

The webRTC lines provide good audio quality and a more serious and professional image. The operation of this type of lines allows that when you make or receive calls by IP, the other party will not perceive the difference between a call through the telephone network and these by VoIP.

This kind of telephone lines through the internet offers the possibility of obtaining a fixed telephone number that can be used as a contact telephone for the real estate or for a specific property, offering a more traditional and serious image of the company.

Since these are Internet calls, any device connected to the network whether it is a computer, a tablet or a smartphone can function as a terminal of a telephone line of a fixed number.

Thanks to this latest technology you will be able to dispense with hiring telephone lines and take advantage of the internet connection or data plan of the smartphone. The reduction in the number of contracted telephone plans means considerable savings, and all this in a simple way, using Internet calls.

Why is it useful in real estate marketing campaigns?

Real estate marketing could be defined as any activity aimed at promoting real estate as a brand and its products, in order to increase sales and establish commercial relationships with customers.

The key to the success of any campaign is based on the treatment or relationship that is established with each of the contacts, and how we measure any action we can take. But how can this be measured? The answer is simple: with services that use WebRTC technology, such as the call center software.

In any purchase process, the user’s experience through the Call Center software is a determining factor for success in the sale and influences the perception of the customer of the company.

There are many aspects and types of actions within real estate marketing campaigns, and in fact, more and more variants are emerging. It is no longer a matter of simply hanging up a sign with a telephone number and waiting for the flat to sell, as customers are more difficult to stimulate and conquer.

This requires creating an integrated campaign, both offline and online, with the aim of making the most of resources and optimizing results.

There are three main categories of online real estate marketing:

  • Real estate advertising: which consists of the creation of Google Adwords campaigns, real estate portals on the Internet…etc.
  • Real estate content marketing: this category includes SEO and SEM actions, and the creation of content that is of interest to other professionals in the sector and for customers.
  • Real estate marketing in social networks: The latest trends in real estate marketing in social networks are the use of accounts in Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, in which to share images and videos both live and deferred.

But the most useful tool within real estate marketing campaigns is still telephone calls and personalized treatment within offline campaigns. Advertising a specific telephone number for each property, in order to quickly identify which property the future client is interested in, can be crucial when closing a sale and providing the best service.

Although a large part of consumers already use the internet to consult real estate portals where they can obtain the most relevant information, observe some images of the property and read some kind of comment or review about the property, the telephone call is still an essential element in real estate transactions.

Calling the phone numbers written on posters on balconies and windows is part of the home buying process. Although times change and technology advances, it is necessary to know how to match the pace of development and the innovation to the process of cultural change to ensure the success of the marketing campaign.

Although this practice can have a high cost when the volume of houses or properties for sale is large, it is necessary that the commercial managers follow up and return the calls to the interested parties, offering them advice and information. The aim of creating this value by adding to commercial support is not only to close a sale but also to create and maintain a relationship with customers.

Real estate relational marketing

This is marketing focused on creating and strengthening a relationship between the real estate agent and his portfolio of clients.

This is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • The clients: knowing the client within the real estate sector and its particularities are fundamental when establishing links with them. It is crucial to identify the most advantageous clients and those with whom it is best to establish a relationship and analyze what their needs are and the factors they value, in order to focus efforts on them.
  • The database: Information is power so it is necessary to create historical data in order to optimize and be more efficient when offering the service. For this purpose, the call recording functionality offered by IP telephone lines or virtual phone number provider such as fonvirtual is very useful, as they allow you to check whether a particular customer has been interested in a particular area along with his history with the company or if it is a person who buys homes or on the contrary usually buy lands.
  • Loyalty programs: Actions aimed at demonstrating to the client that is important for the real estate company. Some of these actions are occasional calls to evaluate the quality of service, calls for exclusive offers, special rental promotions, gifts such as a hotel night, invitations to seminars and talks on the real estate sector …etc.

Above all, real estate relationship marketing is based on mutual trust between the real estate agent and the client. The client needs to be sure that he will not be deceived and needs to know that he is considered important to the real estate firm. In order to achieve this goal, it is essential to offer personalized treatment and to maintain continuous contact with the client, which is normally done through telephone calls.

This is the reason why IP calls represent a great saving within real estate marketing campaigns and also offers a number of features and advantages that do not offer traditional calls. It is about adapting technological innovation to the culture of society.

Hassan Mansoor
Hassan Mansoor is the Founder and Director at Technical Minds Web. After completing Masters in Business Administration, he established a small digital marketing agency with the primary focus to help the small business owners to grow their online businesses. Being a small entrepreneur, he has learned from project management, and day to day staff management and staff productivity. He's a regular contributor on Business.com.


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